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April 27, 2011


Are you among the Average American Dog or Cat Owner who spends lot's of money on toys for their pets?

I imagine many of you are, so I know I am also a member of that elite club myself.

We enjoy purchasing play things for the dogs to keep them entertained in the house plus while they are in the backyard.  I must admit that often the purchases are intended to help ward off the desire to chew the rugs, furniture, walls, shoes, etc.

And we buy things for the same reason while they are out in the backyard.  My rose bushes seem to attract Maggie for some reason.  I often wondered if one particular vintage red rose bush scratched her as she ran by because the bush is now void of any leaves on the limb that hangs out over the walkway.

And she is so sure that when we dig a flower bed to plant something new in the flower garden, that all that soft dirt is there for her to practice digging that elusive Fox out of his foxhole.  Believe me, she seems to think that they all lived very deep in the ground!!

As  you can see in the above photo, there is a play ball for Maggie about 4 inches from her cute little nose.
But do you see this cute little dog playing with the toy that we spent money on???
No, she is not spending time playing with the toy we spent money on.

She is very happily playing and chewing on an old roofing shingle that was turned up in the dirt while we were preparing to turn some yard area for our veggie garden.
I waited until she discovered something else in the yard that required her immediate attention and then quietly removed the shingle from the premises.

Yes, of course we will continue to purchase toys for our pets.
They may not really care,
but you all know it makes us Humans feel better


  1. I ran out of Bacon treats this morning and it made me realize how much I spend a week on my dog! But I usually go to Goodwill and pick out toys from the stuffed animal bin. 50 cents for most- and I tie them in a pillow case and wash them before treating Radar to new play stuff! I always pick out ones without attached eyes or things that might get chewed off and lodged in his throat. But most baby items are safe for pets, too.

  2. Yes, fortunatly most of the stuffed toys do well in the washing machine.
    Hugs, Gail

  3. My cats are always getting new toys with bells, feathers and stuffed with catnip. They love their toys but give them an empty (and cheap) cardboard box and they are in heaven.


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