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March 16, 2011

We took the pups to the ocean today so they could enjoy a great run and we could do some beach combing.
The weather was very pleasant with just a few people on the beach.
We had worked our way around the bay and came close to the rocks that start the edge of the jetty. 
 We purposely timed our adventure to be the same time as the low tide. The chance of finding some real shell treasures is much better at that time.
We hunted and strolled along the water line and planned to turn back when we reach the edge of the jetty.
The pups were running ahead of us having a wonderful time.  Maggie was doing her best to keep up with Mistaya and tried to go everywhere she did.
I was just about 20 feet from the jetty when I saw the two of them running in the sand at the edge of the large boulders of the jetty.  To my horror they were running along the jetty where it curved out into the sea.  At that moment a large waved caught me by surprise and I tried to climb up on the boulders to get away from it.  It was of course, to fast for me and the water rose up above my knees.
As I scrambled up a few feet I realized Mistaya and Maggie were no where to be seen.

Can you here me crying right now???

I screamed at JW and then screamed Mistaya's name knowing that Maggie would not be far behind her.
There appeared Mistaya just inches from the surf and no Maggie in site.
I yelled for Mistaya to climb up the boulders and she did.  Just then I saw Maggie struggling to get her footing at the edge of the large boulders. They were so much bigger and taller than she was.  She climbed up one, then another just as the waved washed up onto the boulder she was standing on.  I saw the water as it was rising above her belly line and thought I was going to loose her. We both called for her to keep climbing and with the help of all her precious Guardian Angels she did. The look of fear on her face was almost more than I could bare as I could not get to her.
That wise little pup some how knew to keep climbing as it was getting her away for the water.
As I found the safety of the dry sand Maggie came running down around the jetty boulders and I am not sure which of us was the happiest to see the other. I pulled her into my arms and told her how sorry I was and that if need be I would have jumped in to save her.
She gave me a few sweet licks then headed off to find Mistaya and they ran back down the beach to safer sand.
I shook all the way home from our adventure. And I suspect that Maggie will not find any reason to venture close to the water from now on. And that is okay with me..we will stay well above the water line from now on.

Thank god for puppy Angels


  1. I can imagine how your heart was in your throat. Glad all turned out OK.

  2. I'm crying right now...Oh, I love my dog so much...I can't imagine him in pain or lost.
    Give them both hugs for me!

  3. OMG, you had us in tears! Thank doG the pups are okay!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Oh how awful!!I was scared for a moment!! Glad that Maggie is ok and Thank goodness for doggie angels!!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  5. Thank you Keewee, I was sooo scared for my little Maggie!!
    Hugs, Gail

  6. Hi Rae, Maggie slept very close to me...I think she realized what had happened to her too. I have been hugging her real close today!
    Hugs, Gail

  7. Maggie and Mitch...thank you, I have spent most of the day playing and giving lot's of hugs today to our 2 precious dogs.
    Hugs, Gail

  8. Jazzi, We are so thankful for Doggie Angels. I can imagine how it would have turned out if they hadn't been at the beach with Maggie and Mistaya yesterday. I am counting my blessing's for sure!
    Hugs, Gail

  9. The puppy angels were working overtime, I am so glad this story has a very happy ending.

    As much as I love the ocean I know how quickly it can turn on you and become very dangerous. Please be careful out there but still have fun.

  10. Oh Gail I was shaking as I read your post. I can only imagine how terrified you all were. Every puppy needs a guardian angel and thankfully Maggie's was sitting right on the boulder telling her to climb. Animals have an amazing sense of survival!! Thank good no one swallowed any salt water.

    Big hug Madi and Mom

  11. Gail, I was raised on the beach. I spent every day on the beach for 5 years!! I had my own close calls!! So happy Maggie had her angles looking out for her!! I know I had mine!!
    Everyday is so precious with our loved ones!!
    I have done 2 posts that you have missed. Hope you find the time to read them!!
    Love you all, Bambi & Fern

  12. Squirrel Queen, I to realize that the ocean can turn very quickly. And because of my fear of Maggies saftey I let down my guard. Something I knew I never should do. The beauty of the area and the sound of the waves makes you forget what can happen.
    I am so blessed to have all those Angels there that day to bring us all home safely.
    s, Gail, Mistaya and Maggie

  13. Madi and mom, I was really shocked that Maggie climbed up the large bouders instead of trying to climb over to me. I have never been so frightened for my dogs saftey as I was that day. It really made me sick to my stomach. And Maggie slept real close to me that night and it felt so good!
    Hugs, Gail

  14. Fern, I have had similiar situations before myself but not with one of my beloved pets. I hope it never happens again. I suspect that Maggie will not be getting to close to the water and waves any time soon.
    Hugs, Gail


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