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December 05, 2010


My world is changing forever and I can't do anything about it.
I attended a Swap Meet with M.O.M. & M.O.D. this weekend . They allowed us dogs in the building and I spent my time under a table in the sale booth.

Everything went well and I was taken outside often to do my duties.

On one of the return trips back to the sale booth, a nice lady with 3 little girls...they looked about 2, 4 and 5 years old approached M.O.M. and I and asked if the girls could pet me. Of course M.O.M. said Okay.
Everything went okay for a minute or two then I realized the little girls were getting very close to me. I tried to move back a little to show them I was a little scared but the tallest one leaned down and got closer to my face.

In a moment of panic I lunged at this stranger and without thinking I bit her in her face.

Instantly I heard M.O.M. scream my name as the little girl screamed in pain.

And my world is now changing.

My lower jaw poked a hole in her lower lip and my upper teeth made a 2 slight marks just above her eye.

Of course there was blood all over the little girls mouth and M.O.M. immediately pulled me into the booth and tied my leash to the table leg then hurried back to the little girl and her mother.

I thought M.O.M. was going to faint right there! She said "I am soo sorry" over and over again to the mother as the little girl cried. M.O.M. gave her a tissue to help stop the flow of blood.

M.O.M. followed the family into the restroom to put some water on her lip. The lady was kind to M.O.M. as M.O.M. couldn't stop the tears coming from her eyes. The lady said that everything was okay and her little girl will be okay and she even gave M.O.M. a hug! She stayed until the family headed home.

I knew immediately when M.O.M. returned to the booth that my life would never be the same again from this moment forward.

I know how it feels when someone says or does something that they instantly knew they can never take back.  She marched me out the door and put me in the car, slammed the door and walked away.

M.O.D. had been out of the building and knew nothing about this incident until he returned.  He was not happy with me either.

I know they tried to carry on with their day but M.O.M. was so upset.

And then things got worse for me.

Several hours later M.O.M.  saw a uniformed sheriff coming down the aisle and she knew exactly who he was looking for.  She smiled pleasantly at him as he approached her asking if she had a small black dog!   "Yes" she said.  He asked about the incident and explained that it was reported to his office and he is just asking a few questions about it.  And could he please see the guilty dog.

So they came out to our car and M.O.M. opened the door so he could see that I really was a sweet little dog.  He then asked if I had proof of my Rabies shots and fortunately I had my collar on that holds my Rabies tag.  He was very pleased to see that and said that the mother was really just concerned if my shots were up to date.

He said he would call the mother to let her know and that she had said she doesn't want to file any charges or get me in trouble (tooo late for me!!).

Then M.O.M. had to fill out a statement about how she thought the incident happened. The nice man told M.O.M. just what the lady had made in her statement and M.O.M. knew the lady had told the truth.  M.O.M. wrote just about the same thing in hers.

The sheriff wanted to know all about me,,,how long had she owned me, what is my typical attitude, had I ever done anything like this before, my breed and my age.  Even took several pictures of me.

He told her that he thought everything would be alright but there could be a possibility that they could list me as a "Dangerous Dog" and if this type of thing EVER happened again that I would then be deemed a "Vicious Dog" and would have to be disposed of.

As the interview ended M.O.M. thanked the man for his kindness to her and I could tell as she quietly put me back in the car that I was in very deep trouble.  I saw a tear slip down her cheek as she shut the door and returned to the sale building.

Of course the drive home that evening was one of silence for me.  And I could feel the anger and fear in her voice as she and M.O.D. talked quietly all the way home.

So today starts the beginning of my different life.  They will be putting up a gate so I must stay in the backyard and not have access the the yard next to the sidewalk.  And I overheard M.O.M. telling M.O.D.  that it is time to do a strict refresher course in my training.

I will try to do my very best to do just what they want me to do and be happy about it too.

A very important message to all my dear dog freinds all over the world....

No matter what you not ever...ever...injure a human in any way.  The consequences are very painful and it is even more difficult to earn your peoples trust back again.  I will regret this day and my actions for the rest of my life.
My actions have changed my entire life forever.


  1. Mistaya, I feel for you and M.O.M & M.O.D. I know you didn't mean to hurt the little girl, and I don't know what it was about her actions that caused you to nip her. I know I don't like people to get to close to me, within my "comfort zone" M.O.M & M.O.D will see that you have more training, perhaps you need to be exposed to more young children so you get used to them. They can be rather rowdy at times.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry for everyone involved in this. I am so glad that the little girl is going to be ok and that her mom is understanding.

    I'm sure your MOM will feel better as time goes by.

  3. Thank you Keewee for your kind words. M.O.M. needs those words so much.
    We love you, mistaya and M.O.M.

  4. Hi JackDaddy, thank you. I hope she will feel better soon. I am trying to be real good!
    Hugs, Mistaya

  5. I feel your pain Mistaya (& M.O.M) My peeps hold their breath every time a child wants to pet me:( My asst. usually tells the child to pet my back to keep them away from my face.

  6. I am so sorry that any of you had to go through such an ordeal. Mistaya, even the sweetest and gentlest of animals can get scared and react to a perceived threat. Children of that age can seem very aggressive even though they are just curious. You did not mean to hurt anyone.

    M.O.M & M.O.D will help you with training and love. It will take some time but you will regain their trust, you are very loved.

  7. We are aching for you and your M.O.M and M.O.D., Mistaya, and we're glad that the little girl is okay. Our paws are crossed that your refresher course goes well.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Tank, on the ride home I did hear M.O.M. say that she wished she had turned me so the could pet my rearend...she forgot that it is safer than facing children I do not know.
    Of course I may not to get to greet any children for a very long time now.
    Hugs, Mistaya

  9. SquirrilQueen...I know she is very upset but I did feel her reach over and stroke my soft fur last night as I was drifting off to sleep. So I think she is trying to find love too.
    Hugs, Mistaya

  10. Maggie and Mitch, Thank you for the crossed paws for me and my retraining programs. I heard M.O.M. say she will start the program on Monday so she appears to be very serious about my reprograming!!
    hugs, Mistaya

  11. Mistaya,
    Oh my goodness Mom and I are so very very sorry for EVERYONE!!! It sounds like the little girl's mom was very understanding you both made the same statement to the police too.

    Goodness me....bless your sweet heart. Sounds to me like everyone just got a little too excited and over stimulated. Maybe all Moms and children need to be a little more cautious also.

    None of us know what happened to you in your first life...maybe some small children were mean to you, maybe your ears did not like all the high pitch tones little ones can make....

    We send you, M.O.M. and M.O.D.
    Madi and Mom

  12. Madi, on the car trip home after this terrible incident, I do remember hearing them say that they too will always wonder what happen to me and my life before I joined their home.
    I hope things work out okay for all of us. Thank you.
    Hugs, Mistaya

  13. I feel so bad for you....I am happy the little girl is fine BUT I wish humans would EDUCATE the young people about NOT getting into our face! How would they like it to get scared! People run up to me all the time and want to hug me....Beth says NO and makes them take it VERY slow. This is what gives us dogs a bad name.... Don't worry things will be okay. Your mommy and daddy still love you. I think we should have a sign on us that says Approach Slowly and let us get to know you! Take care, my friend....

  14. Thank you Remington. I can imagine that kids love to give you hugs. You just look like a very hugable, lovable dog.
    I realized last night as I fell asleep I could feel M.O.M.'s gentle hand softly stroke my back. It gave me so much hope that we would get through this and be a happy family again.
    Hugs, Mistaya

  15. Madi's Mom here!!!
    Ditto to what Rem said. I know one thing for sure I don't like people invading my personal space either. There are folks I work with who like to get right in my face...I back up the come closer. I'm sure Mistaya feels the same way.

    Bless her heart she is such a sweet puppy too!! Give her a hug from us.
    Madi and Mom

  16. Thank you Madi's mom. Mistaya is such a sweet puppy and we still can't believe that this whole thing really happened.
    My nerves are on edge as I am waiting to see if the sheriff comes by to tell us what is going on with the complaint about Mistaya.
    And of course I am wondering what Mistaya's future will be like.
    This whole thing is so heartbreaking for us.
    Thank you for you kind words.
    Mistaya's M.O.M., Gail

  17. Gail, This just breaks my heart and I find myself at a loss for words.

    I can see my Sassy possibly doing the same thing.

    I know you will keep us posted...
    Sending a big hug to you and Mistaya,

  18. Thank you Ms.~K for your kind words. And M.O.M. said she will post any new news when it is available.
    Hugs, Mistaya

  19. We are so sad to hear this news. But you WILL get through it - together. I think maybe the little girls Mom knew better and is feeling pretty bad too because she should have been paying attention. I am so grateful she was understanding. Mistaya, you just cuddle up to your M.O.M. and the two of you will get past this.
    Love always wins.

    Emma Rose

  20. Thank you Emma Rose. My family is still a bit upset about the whole thing. But the Sheriff didn't come by today so we are taking that as good news! If there is any change we will post it.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  21. Oh, I know this must be hard for the entire family!
    My dog Radar is a sweetheart, but there have been times when the kids invade his space and I sense a slight agitation that may lead to a snip or a snap.
    Us humans are like that, too. I know I am. (If I was a dog, I would have bitten several people by now!)
    But..glad the little girl is okay and that it wasn't worse.
    Stay sweet, Mistaya, Your Mommy and daddy love you and only want the best for you!

  22. Oh Sweet Mistaya,
    We understand all to well!! M. O. M. has learned a lesson, never let children pet your dog unless you had a tight lead on your dog and are watching your dog's eyes and body very careful. Then it is a good idea to say still say no to children.
    I am so sorry!!!!
    xxoo, Bambi & Fern

  23. Don't worry Mistaya...MOD and MOM still love you very very much...they are just worried for you, and I'm sure you've learned a very big lesson about children...they are not good playtoys!

    To answer your question to me...I had breast cancer last year, and this last surgery was my final reconstruction surgery, at least I HOPE it was my final surgery...that's what they tell me! I'm heading back to work part time's about time!

  24. Oh Mistaya, thank you for posting so honestly about this incident. I am so sorry. But please be aware that it is not the end of the world, and that lessons will be learned.

    When I was on holiday in Poland last year, I returned to discover that my old dog Hamish had, quite literally bitten the hand that fed him, that is, the hand of a very dear friend of mine, Margaret who had been helping care for him while I was away. The bite was quite bad, she had to go to the hospital A&E for treatment, and was still getting pain months afterwards. Our society in the UK is not as litigious as in the States, but I feared losing my friend and also was very concerned about what the future held for Hamish. Fortunately, I was able to discuss the incident with Margaret and make amends, and I saw to it that everyone else who came into contact with Hamish was aware that he had developed a tendency to snap if unexpectedly disturbed. (He was old and deaf at this point). He died a few months later, from fits caused by a brain tumour. I cannot help wondering if the tumour affected his behaviour in the latter part of his life.

    It was a salutary lesson about how even good natured dogs cannot abehave unpredictably. The incident made me resolve that when I had to go away in future, new dog Bertie would go to boarding kennels.

    I am sure Mistaya, that with help from your Mom (who is clearly a responsible type) you will adapt to a slightly different regime and be quite happy.

    Best wishes,

  25. You have been on my mind, my friend....I hope you are getting along better today. I hope your family doesn't hold it against you for ONE mistake. Beth always tells people to approach me carefully and she stands right next to me. More because I will knock them over. However I have met some people I don't really get a good vibe from and my hair will stand up on my back -- they scare me! So Beth just takes me in a different direction. I am certain your mommy and daddy still love you as much as ever! It was just a surprise to them.... Good thoughts are being sent your way....

  26. Hi Rae, I wish Mistaya had shown some sign of warning. She was sitting against my leg and gave not indication that a bit was coming. I hope we are thru the worst of this and better, quieter days are ahead.
    Hugs, Gail

  27. Fern, from now on we will keep Mistaya away from small children and if anyone wants to pet her they can pet her rear area as I hold her head. We will do all we can to make sure this never happens to her again.
    She was sitting so her body was against my leg and there was no signs that the lunge and bite was coming. She is a very quick dog. Hugs, Gail

  28. Fili, thanks for your words of comfort. We are trying to accept just what has happened to our little Mistaya but hope all is back to some kind of normal soon.
    And thank you for answering my question. I don't think I had any idea you have been battling this cancer. I am glad things are going well for you and will keep in touch with you and your wonderful progress!
    Hugs,Mistaya's M.O.M. Gail

  29. Gail and Bertie, I am sorry to hear that your dear Hamish had such a indiscrestion also. It shows me that this type of thing can happen to the best of us. And you were lucky to have such a person that holds you as such a wonderful friend.
    Mistaya is accepting her new routine and seems to realize that we still love her and want a happy life for her.
    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
    Hugs, Mistaya'f M.O.M. Gail

  30. Remmington, thank you for your good thoughts and comments. M.O.M. has been spending even more time with me so I am beginning to realize that they really still love me. Thank you.Hugs and wags to my dear friend Remington, Mistaya


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