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November 09, 2010


I heard M.O.M. say that it is raining so hard that it is raining "Cats and Dogs"!

So I ran to the window to look out side to see this for myself.

But I couldn't see any Cats or Dogs falling from the sky...just a lot of rain.

I don't quite understand the way humans talk sometimes so I will have to give this some thought....maybe a nice long nap will help!

Have you ever seen that type of rain...where there are cats and dogs falling from the sky?
Did you get pictures???


  1. I have heard of it but never actually seen it! We are already sick of the rain and it's just getting started!

    Emma Rose from soggy Oregon

  2. Emma Rose, Our fall/winter season seems to have started with a flood!
    I guess it is going to be a long wet winter here. As long as it doesn't snow..M.O.M. wanted to leave that behind her in Montana but secretly I am hoping to wake up one morning and my yard is white!!! Wahoo!
    I will keep my little paws crossed.

    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  3. Mistaya
    yah I hear stuffs like that around here too. I never know xactly what they mean though. If you actually see dogs and cats coming down, you might want to get inside ASAP!! BOL


  4. Living on that side of the Cascades you will probably hear that phrase a lot Mistaya. Humans do say strange things sometimes but we hope they are wrong about the kitties and puppies falling out of the sky. They might get hurt.

    Cindi Lou

  5. We've heard about this but have never seen it happen. We hope it stops raining for you soon, Mistaya!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. What a cute picture!
    We need rain here- can't remember the last time we had any, and our pond is really low.
    But rainy days are good for hot chocolate, a good book and long naps!

  7. Hi Mistaya...Mom says that all the time. I don't understand it and she can't explain it nor does she know why anyone ever said it.

    Sometimes I'm glad I don't speak human...Meow makes more sense.
    Hugs Madi

  8. If it's raining cats and dogs, be careful not to step in a Poodle!

  9. Jazzi, I f I ever see any of those critters falling from the sky I certainly will run for cover...and hope that M.O.M. got a real good photo of them!!!
    Hugs, Mistaya

    Squirrel is scary to think about all of them actually falling into my front yard and street. Geez, I may never get any sleep again during a rain storm!!

    Maggie and Mitch...actually it has stopped raining right now and the sun is shining. So we are off to the park to play!!

    Rae...M.O.M. says she would send you some of this rain but you idea of hot chocolate, a good book and a nap is too good of a reason to let it rain!!! :)

    Madi...I know there are many times when I am glad that I can't speak human either...and it makes a good excuse to act like I don't know what they are talking about!
    Mistaya made M.O.M. laugh so hard ab your comment that the water stuff was running down her cheeks!!!

  10. So CUTE! Thanks for posting on my wall - Spike's already much better tonight. Naps are awesome!!!

  11. I haven't seen any dogs or cats falling from the sky....I will be sure to call you if I do....that pic is so cute!

  12. It's been raining a lot here and we're glad because there had been a drought for many years, and we're glad it's raining water because if it was raining cats and dogs, I don't know where they would all go !


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