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July 17, 2010


One day at our new home by the sea, I could hear M.O.M. calling me throughout the house.  But I was very tired and didn't respond to her real fast.
Finally she walked into the living room and smiled when she spotted me in the closet.  That was just the day before we headed back on the road to return to our home in the mountains.  She told M.O.D. that she was certain that I was just worn out from all the driving, new smells, new dogs and new people, running on the beach and not sleeping in my own bed.  Well, she did bring my bed with us but it just isn't the same in a different house.

The next day we headed back on the road to the home in the mountains and we decided somewhere along the way that we were just to tired to go any further. We stopped at a cute little Motel that we have stayed in several times in all our adventures to find a new home.
The Motel parking lot looked like they had no vacancy but M.O.D. went to the office anyway.  We were very fortunate that they had just one room with 2 queen beds. We took the room  anyway and quickly made ourselves comfortable in the in front of the television to catch up on the world.
M.O.M. and M.O.D.  both started laughing when M.O.M. saw me curled up on the 2nd bed making myself at home! Gosh, it felt so good to stretch out and have the bed all to myself.
     Ahhh, now that's a dogs life!

We have been lucky with finding Motels that I can stay in. This one welcomes pets and doesnt' charge extra.  One in Cle Elum Washington wanted $25 to let me stay in the said no..that was too much and the desk clerk finally agreed to $12.  What a waste of money!

One of M.O.D.'s friends told us recently that a motel in Northern California charged the $125 for a one night stay for their dog.
M.O.M. has said that she and M.O.D. will never leave me alone in the car at night in a strange town...or anywhere else.
Oh I love my M.O.D. and M.O.M.

p.s...M.O.M. actually did make me get down off the bed....she said we needed to respect the Motel owners so they would always let pets stay here with their owners.


  1. Mistaya a girl needs to stretch her long lovely black legs at least once a day...good for you doing it on a comfy bed.

    Mom doesn't understand the extra charge for puppies, who rarely do any damage to a room. They should charge extra for peoples who do damage things that aren't even found until after they are gone.

    Hus Madi and Mom

  2. PS my assistant meant to type
    Hugs...MOL more coffee please.

  3. Madi, we agree with your mom about the dogs and motels.
    Tell your mom that it is alright about the spelling cause I will take a hug any way I can get it!! Hugs and wags to you, Mistaya

  4. We like this website for when we travel:

    It lets you know where puppies can stay!

    We also take an extra sheet for the top of the bed, so we can bring all of our hair back with us! :)

  5. Mistaya my momma was going to do an entire post on the super 8 in Beardstown IL, they wanted like $50 for the dog (me) extra for me to stay and if they found dog hair on the bed we had to pay for new bedspreads and sheets. We didn't stay there. We stayed @ the not nice motel that didn't have internet but @ least they were friendly. I stay in the car in the country @ night when we go see Daddies cousin (she doesn't let ANYONE's pets in her house) but their dog comes and sleeps beside the car which is really nice of her.

  6. JackDaddy, that is a very good website for dog owners. Thank you for that! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  7. TC....I can't beleive how terrible some hotels and motels are about dogs. At one motel on our trip I did take lot's of pictures of every room before we left. I made sure to get real good pics of the thick dust on the toilet tank and several other things. They said that if they found anything out of order they would charge our card an extra $100. I was very mad about that so I took lot's of pics.
    And I did check my account each day to make sure there was no additional charge. Mistaya and her M.O.M. Gail

  8. Hi Gail and Mistaya,
    We have traveled with Amanda and Joker but not Bambi. They both were such good dogs that one motel didn't know we had a dog until we were leaving. The woman wanted to go inspect the room before we left.
    She did and came back and said that it was the cleanest room she ever saw when someone was leaving!!
    She said no charge for the dog.
    Tom had told the clerk the night before we had a dog. He had said no extra charge.
    Thanks for your visit and happy new house!!
    XXOO, Bambi Fern

  9. Aw, Mistaya you look so comfortable all stretched out on the bed. All of the traveling must be tiring.

    Sorry to hear so many hotels are pet unfriendly, since cats don't travel well I had no idea. But then I have found a hotel or two that were unfriendly to humans too!

  10. You look so comfy and cozy all stretched out. In my opinion, if hotels have to do anything, they should charge a small deposit and give it back when the room is left perfect...or as least as good as it was!!!

  11. I love the picture of her on the bed. I have one of our dog and one of the cats sleeping together on the pillows at the top of the bed on my blog...Wish we could always look as comfortable as the animals do when they sack out!

    What a wonderful story you have. I look forward to following it.


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