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May 06, 2010


Most of you know that M.O.M. has taught me to sit down and wait while a car is passing us on our dirt road while she and I are out for our daily walk. 

She has noticed that I even sit down even while I am running in the woods if I hear a car coming by.  And of course my hearing is excellent so I always hear the car.
But M.O.M. was a bit surprised today on our walk when she heard a car coming and look over to see where I was.

There I was sitting quietly atop the pile of logs I had been playing on, waiting for the car to go by and for M.O.M. to then 'release' me.  When she did I immediately returned to my play as if I had never stopped.
M.O.M.  says she is very pleased that I remember all of my training as she always feels that I am very safe out on our walks.

  We walked with her walking group yesterday and I was running ahead of everyone as usual and as I neared a corner up the hill I sat down beside the road and waited. Several of the ladies asked why I was sitting because they didn't hear any cars way up here in the woods.

Just then a large pickup came slowly around the corner  (probably because the driver wondered why a little black dog was sitting by itself along the road in the forest.)

Everyone was so surprised that I had known the truck was coming.  But of course they would have known it too if they had hearing like us dogs do.


  1. Excellent! Beth is trying to get me to do that but I haven't quite got down yet. I need you for my mentor!

  2. good girl Mistaya, you have learned your lessons very well indeed.

  3. Mistaya you are such a good girl!!!
    I am proud of you sweet girl!!!
    I was so happy to see you had come to see me today!!! I love your visits!!
    Thanks for your kind words, but I don't own the quilt. My friend made the quilt for her Grandson and he has it and always will.
    It is one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. And I got to see it while she was making it!!
    It was a big treat for me to beable to watch as it was being made.
    XXOO, Bambi, my rescue dog, & Fern

  4. Remington...M.O.M. used the "Clicker Method" of training with me and it was sooo easy!! Without ever touching me she taught me to sit, sit up, stay... we use "Wait" in place of stay because of my name,...also to come,go around, to high five her..with the paw of her choice, to lie down, to bow and more. It was very easy and fun for me to learn. And out in the woods, no matter how far away I am I can always hear the clicker when M.O.M. uses it to recall me. When I decide that I just have to chase that deer the clicker sound brings me running right back to her. Even with all my energy it was easy to understand and to learn very quickly. Tell your mom to check into it for you...your little girl friend will be very pleased. But I am still jealous fo her! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  5. Mistaya we are so very proud of you. Not only are you a very beautiful young lady you are very smart and alert to M.O.M. training.
    It is truly amazing how quickly you learned but we are not surprised because we knew you were smart.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Thank you Madi and Mom! That is so very nice of you. Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  7. Hi Mistaya,
    I love your blog - I found it when I was visiting Remington.
    I'd love to be your friend.


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