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May 27, 2010


Mistaya and her M.O.D. went outside this morning to play 'chase the ball'.

So I decided that I would station myself on the front porch and get some great pictures of Mistaya in action.  I even used the 5 burst shot mode to try to get a great sequence of her running.

I had my camera set up for fast action photos so I told her M.O.D. to throw the ball anytime.

As you can see in the following sequence of photos that I have greatly underestimated our little Mistaya's speed.  I knew she was quick but....see for yourself! 

 We have clocked this speedy little dog at an amazing 23 MPH.  We were driving down our little dirt road and she was running through the forest jumping fallen trees and dodging all sorts of forest stuff.  To say the least, I was very impressed with our sweet little girl!! 


  1. Wow can she go! Hey you wanna be on my football team? I'll protect you so you don't get hurt! Think about it....

  2. Mistaya, you run like a Greyhound!!
    Do you have any in you sweet girl!!
    My rescue dog Joker who was an Ibizan Hound could run 29 miles a hour. Have you been following me long enough to have seen Joker???
    68 cars were good cars!!! That was a good year!!
    XXO, Bambi & Fern


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