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April 07, 2010


This is a picture of the expression on my face this morning when M.O.M. asked me if I wanted to go on a walk with all the ladies in her walking group.
If you can read dog body language my expression says..."What are you waiting for???"
Because there were lot's of walkers and a young dog that wasn't allowed to run off leash for awhile, I had to wear my leash. I wasn't too happy at first but I knew sometime along the way M.O.M. was going to let me run.
I think she was real happy that I did have my leash on when we crossed this bridge high above the mountain creek. I did hear a gasp from a few of the ladies but I never really had any plans to actually jump down into the water. M.O.M. remembered to bring a bottle of water for me so I wasn't thirsty enough to jump!
I did get off the leash and I had so much fun running everywhere. Of course I always try to be real careful of the ladies and not run into one of them and knock them down. I imagine if I did that I wouldn't be allowed to join them on the walks anymore.
If you look real hard at the picture above you can see me just at the edge of the water...that black looking thing that blends into the black sand like stuff. The water was ice cold and tasted so good.
I had a lot of fun today and look forward to joining the walking group again soon. I sure hope we can find a walking group at our new home. If not maybe M.O.M. can start one for us!


  1. Yeah! You did so good not running into all the ladies!

  2. Hi Mistaya,
    What fun you had!!! Long walk with friends and a pretty day. Yes it is best not to run into the humans.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Looks like a great day. You did well Mistaya, hope you can find a new walking group too. My mommy says she needs to get her fat self outside and walk too...she said something about a bit of extra weight on me too?

  4. Mistay you sure did have a grand time on your walk. I will not going on my walk this weekend, instead we are loading the RV and going across to the Olympic peninsular. Lots of places for a doggy to run and sniff over there.

  5. It looks like you had lots of fun Mistaya, group walks can be exciting too. We knew you wouldn't jump off the bridge, you just wanted to get a better look at the view.


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