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January 26, 2010


Okay, M.O.M. wants everyone to know that she doesn't mind that humans dress up their dog family members. But she said some photos came to her in an email and she laughed a lot about it. So we decided to share them with all my blog friends and their humans. And there were enough photos for M.O.M. to post again tomorrow! We do hope you enjoy them...Mistaya

(from the Internet of course)


  1. OOOOH those are so cute! I hadn't seen them yet.

  2. That last one just left me rolling on the floor. I remember the first time I put Josie's therapy vest on, I was thinking, "OH BOY, are we going to have some trouble here?", but she adjusted to it very well, but how the heck to you get a dog to look like a pile of french fries and stay still? I don't know???? LOL!!! Much Love!

  3. Oh no. Puppy monkeys. My worst fear has come true!

  4. Mistaya hilarious pictures!!!
    My favorite is the Collie dressed as a Krispy Kreme delivery man in the last picture. Krispy Kreme's hometown is North Carolina a home grown store...oh so good nothing better than to ride by a store and see the 'Hot Now' sign turned on. They will melt in your mouth


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