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January 10, 2010


M.O.M. and I want to say we are sorry for not keeping up with our posts the last few days. We have had company and have not been near the computer thing. But of course both M.O.M. and M.O.D. have made sure that we go out and chase the ball real fast at least once a day. So I have still gotten in plenty of run time. Gosh I love to run fast. And running after that ball is so much fun. But sometimes it rolls off the road ahead of me and I do have a hard time finding it in the snow bank. But I even enjoy that part of it too!
So we hope to get back to posting tomorrow....see you all then...Mistaya


  1. Have a great time playing in the snow!! See you soon!

  2. Hi Mistaya...we've missed you but certainly understand...when we have company they sleep upstairs near our office so Mom has to 'curb her blogging' during their visits. She says she doesn't like to invade their privacy...ummmm...she certainly doesn't mind invading mine privacy when I'm upstairs napping in the same room.??!!!
    Madi and Mom


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