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January 21, 2010


I am going to tell on you!! Actually M.O.M. found this cute picture on the Internet. I have been wondering...just how did this dogs people teach him to drink through that straw thing? I think it would just be easier to chew the lid off that cup and lap up all the goodies inside! But then again, I am still a puppy kind of girl.


  1. Dispatch says the trick to this all is to act like you really don't care and see if they will FEED it to you. LOL
    Cute Cute Picture!

  2. Hi Mistaya
    Mom and Dad were once slaves to Toto, a Dachshund. The stories they tell me about his antics would make your hair curl. He once figured out how to get to a bag of Fig Newtons that should never have been in his reach.
    What a cute picture and what memories it brought back.


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