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September 02, 2009


After M.O.M. and I had camp set up we noticed that we had some visitors to my food bowl. They didn't seem to be very shy. M.O.M. approached them with some treats in her outstretched hand and they flew right to her and landed on her arm and started eating the treats!
I wasn't sure just what to do about this but M.O.M. was speaking softly to them so I decided they must be friendly. And she did tell me that I must not chase these gentle birds. I wasn't happy that they were eating my food but M.O.M. did bring enough to make sure I did not go hungry.
But this bird was a different story. It is a Stiller Jay and he constantly chased away the friendly birds whenever they came to visit. So M.O.M. didn't stop me from chasing him away from my food bowl. It you click on the photo you can see the blue colored robber making his escape in the middle of the tree just ahead of me as I raced after him. He did keep me busy for quite awhile that first afternoon.
But I did win!

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  1. Aw, they are so cute. That is amazing that they were so friendly, I guess they have been around people for awhile.

    Good girl Mistaya, scare the silly Jay away. The Stiller Jay was being mean to chase away the cute little birds.

    I love the second photo, he is adorable.


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