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September 01, 2009


This is the area we camped in on our great adventure this last weekend. If you look real close you can see ME in the middle of the picture checking to make sure M.O.M. brought all of my food supply. Okay, it's all there, that's good. (you can click on the picture for a very close up look of me!)
Of course I spent the first hour or so checking out all of my new surroundings. Gosh, there were lot's of places to explore so I kept busy for a very long time.
We were camped in a fairly secluded campsite away from everyone so I didn't have to wear my leash or be tied up hardly at all....only when M.O.M. and I walked to the restroom or through the campground to go for a walk or a hike. And when we were far enough away from everyone M.O.M. always took off my leash. So that was okay.
We were close to a beautiful stream that M.O.M. let me play in often. I remember being at this same stream a few months ago and the water was way above where I am running and M.O.M. would not let me get very close...I had to stay up on the bank which is now way up above me!
M.O.D. had to work the first day we were here so he dropped us off very early in the morning and M.O.M. and I spent some of the morning setting up the tent and getting things organized so everything would be ready when M.O.D. returned after work later that afternoon. Of course I still had plenty to time to chase lot's of squirrels away from my camping area. Whew, I was very busy!!
There will be more camping adventure stories and photos tomorrow!

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  1. Mistaya, that looks like a really fun place to camp. I'll bet there were all kinds of interesting smells to check out. I'm glad you didn't have to be on a leash all the time and got to play in the water a lot.

    I will be back tomorrow to hear more about your adventures.


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