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September 09, 2009


MISS CINDI LOU WHO has tagged me and for that I say thank you Miss Cindi! Apparently I am suppose to list 6 things that make me happy.. Well, this was a difficult task for me. Since I am a rescued puppy most everything in my life now makes me very happy.
#1... This may be one of the best things on my "HAPPY LIST" even though for some reason all this fluffy cold white stuff slowly disappeared from my yard. I have yet to figure out what happened...did M.O.M. and M.O.D. take it all away? and will it ever return? I loved running through this stuff with my nose close to the ground pushing the cold stuff out of my way. I sure miss it.
#2....Happiness is sharing fresh peas from M.O.D.'s vegetable bed this summer. I learned very quickly when he handed me a pea pod just how to get to the yummy little peas inside. We spent several afternoon at the pea patch eating peas together.
#3...I love playing tag with M.O.M. on a cool summer afternoon. I learned real fast how to stop, spin around and run the opposite direction before she could catch me. That's fun.
#4... One of my really fun tricks is to wait until M.O.M. is almost finished making the bed each morning then run in and jump up on the bed and nestle deep down into the pillows. Well, it's really fun until she catches me!!! But the best part about her finding me is she then climbs on the bed with me and we get to snuggle for awhile. Gosh, Love is fun too!
#5... and of course it's so much fun to climb up on the picnic table to take a short nap and still be able to keep an eye on every thing in my world.
#6...It's always fun to find a new place to take my important naps during the day. And what could possibly be more fun than to take a nap on a very comfortable chaise lounge?


  1. yeah you really looked like a happy dog! What's that white thing on ya face? We wanna try that too.

    Coffee and Oreo

  2. Hi Coffee and Oreo! I still don't know what that white stuff is but I can tell you it is amazing to play in! I just woder if I will ever see it again. :(

  3. Mistaya, thank you for playing tag with me. I like the picture of you with the white fluffy stuff on your face. We get that stuff here but I don't think I like it, I suspect it's made out of water. Next time I see some I will ask mom if we can send it to you.

    I like all your happy things but the bestest is climbing on the picnic table for nap time. I like doing that too.

    Mom says we are late cause our isp was done for service last night. Here now!

    Miss Cindi Lou Who


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