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September 13, 2009


M.O.M. let me go with her on her speed walk late this morning and I didn't realize how hot it had gotten since earlier this morning.

Before I realized how fast I had been running and how many logs and things I had been jumping over I had run pretty hard and fast. So when I got back to the road where M.O.M. was walking I found the closest shade--and it happened to be in the road in front of M.O.M.-- and I laid down and looked up a her to try to tell her that I just couldn't go any further.

I was so hot and tired that I could hardly breathe so M.O.M. knelt down in front of me and offered me some water out of my water bottle that she always carries for me. When she saw that I would not drink any water she immediately got out her cell phone and called M.O.D. I heard her ask him to get in his truck and come right away because I was not able to get up on my feet because I was just to hot.

It was just a few short minutes when I heard his truck coming down the road. M.O.M. asked him to please take me home and I willingly climbed into the truck and sat beside him for the short ride home.

M.O.D. put me in the coolest spot in the back yard and offered me some ice cubes that were just what I needed to cool me off. After a few minutes I began to feel better so he gave me a treat and asked me to stay in the cool shade for a bit longer. So I spent some time napping here and when I awoke I felt so much better.

Being a puppy I imagine that I really won't learn much from this experience because I love so much to run fast whenever I can. But I can say for sure that I know M.O.M. will not let me run as much or as far from now on until the cool air of Autumn is here. I guess that will be alright.

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