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August 02, 2009


When I heard M.O.M. stirring this morning I made it to her side of the bed before her feet even hit the ground. I was so happy to see her but the look on her face told me that something wasn't right. I could see for myself that the "tumor" on my muzzle had grown quite a bit...just over night.
M.O.M. got down on the floor with me and cuddled with me and spoke such sweet sounding words to me that I almost forgot about my muzzle. We laid together like that for several minutes until my little tongue found her face. She started laughing and tickling me and we had so much fun that we woke up M.O.D. from his slumber. But he wasn't at all upset because he saw what was happening to my cute little nose.
M.O.M and M.O.D. agreed that we would call Dr. Joe the very first thing in the morning and take me in to see what he can do for me. Gosh, I hope everything will be okay...they are both trying not to look so sad but the tone of their voices tells me so much more.
I will put up a post tomorrow when we return from the Vet's office.


  1. Hope all goes well, I will be watching for your post.

  2. I hope you'll feel better soon:(

  3. I just stopped by to see how Mistaya is doing. Much better I hope.


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