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July 19, 2009


Every time M.O.M. and I go on one of her "speed walks" she lets me run in the irrigation ditch that runs next to our yard when we return home. It is only about 6 inches deep so I can get to running pretty fast in it for a long ways.
But today M.O.M. surprised me when we approached the area where she always tells me to "find the water!" This time she said "No, lets not get in there today." I was soooo disappointed that I was very sad. Then M.O.M. called me to the other side of the road and pointed into the bushes and said "Mistaya, find the water!"
I didn't know just what I should do as I wasn't usually allowed over near this area. I didn't know it but in the past every time we came by this ditch M.O.M. called me to her side. She told me the water was too deep and fast for me to play in it. But now the water was much lower and slower so she encouraged me to get in.
Look closely at the left side of this photo and you can see me running as fast as I can down the ditch. I didn't know where I was going but I knew I sure loved this water. It too, was about 6 inches deep so I could run real fast for a very long distance.
I came running back to M.O.M. several times but each time she said I could run some more. So off I went as fast as I could!
When it was time to return across the street to our house I felt like I had drank at least a gallon of this cool clear river water. But I had such a wonderful time that I really didn't mind looking like a "drowned rat"! I so hope that M.O.M. will let me play in this wonderful water again real soon cause I sure like running fast in this special place.


  1. I am not big on water, but it sure looked like you were having fun.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Mistaya, that looks like so much fun and a great way to stay cool.

    Miss Cindi is saying water is bad but we won't listen to her, what do cats know about this kind of fun.

    Stay cool,
    SQ and Cindi Lou

  3. So nice and cool on a hot day.

  4. I have watched my Catsister stroll across our road many times and I always thought she was coming to play in the water. If Miss Cindi says water is bad for cats then Catsister must to doing something else near the water...hunting those little mice I bet! I think I had better tell M.O.M. about this!!! Mistaya


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