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June 05, 2009


M.O.M. and I went on a wonderful walk early this morning and she found another flower she wanted to take photo's of. So I sat myself down beside her at the roads edge and waited for her to finish.
I wonder if she knows how hard it is for me to contain my curiosity for such a very long time. And sitting still is not one of my favorite things to do any time we are out on a walk.
But M.O.M. has been working with me on my manners quite a bit lately. I think she is still a bit upset about last Thursday when I ran off to chase a bird. I admit that I did end up running across the big highway a short distance from our house. And yes, I did hear her calling for me but gosh, I was having so much fun! And I did run faster than I ever ran in my life! And that little bird is the kind that builds it's nest in the tall grass of the pasture I was in. So the bird was trying to lead me away from her nest and she stayed very close to the ground when she was flying. So because of that I was sure she wanted to to try and catch her. So of course I ran as fast as my little legs would carry me.
Fortunately for me the bird circled around and came back by M.O.M. but not before I had ran onto the highway again. I did hear a strange tone in M.O.M.'s voice when I came near her. It was so different that I had to stop when I could slow myself down and return to where she was standing.
It was strange, when I came to her, she knelt down and put her arms around me and I really think I could hear her crying softly. That is when she explained to me that running away and running on the highway will get me killed and she told me that would break her heart. And she said it would be even harder to have to go home and tell M.O.D. that I wasn't coming home anymore.
So now we go for walks twice a day and spend most of that time working on my sit, wait, come, and heel manners. M.O.M. says "wait" to me when she wants me to "stay" because the word "stay" is to close to my name and I was getting confused. But now I understand wait. She can even say wait real loud when I am 50 feet down the road and I sit down and wait for her to tell me what to do. She does this every time a car is coming by and I am running in the woods by the road. It's easy for me to do because she never makes me wait for very long.
Except today!!! How many pictures do you need of that little flower!! I could chew it off the plant and take it home for you faster than you are taking pictures of it. Gosh, Let's go play!!!

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  1. Wow that sounds like a really good day and keep chasing those squirrels, they torment me when I am in the house. My Mom and I love your blog

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


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