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June 21, 2009


Yes, I must have 9 lives or something---like a cat, because I know I have already used up 2 of them. One was when I was thrown out of my car at the lake when I was very young. And the 2nd one happened yesterday while M.O.M. and I were on our walk.....
About half way down our road we move into the forest and the road travels through it for about another mile or so. It is actually a tree farm and the people who own it have given us permission to walk through it and enjoy the joy of the forest.
The owner has also told us where we can view the elusive BitterRoot flower that Lewis and Clark discovered on their journey through this beautiful valley.
So M.O.M. and I visit this site almost everyday to see if the flower is in bloom yet. We had just stepped away from the site when we heard the neighbors small dog barking at us. I have met this little guy several times on our walks through here so I didn't worry much about him. He often leaves his property and comes through the fence that surrounds this tree farm. Then suddenly, almost at the same moment, M.O.M. and I both notice a giant, growling, mean looking Pit Bull dog lunging out the door of the house.
He came at us so fast we didn't have any time to run. I tried very hard to posture to show him that I am just a little girl puppy. He stopped an inch in front of my nose and M.O.M. and I didn't know what to do. We stood very still hoping the people in the house would come out quickly and remove this beast from our path.
Just as the lady appeared and shouted at the dog, the dog lunged for me and caught me by the shoulder. Fortunately I was wearing my harness and my special heavier collar and I was able to spin around and break free of him. Then I heard M.O.M. screaming " Run Mistaya, Run!" as loud as she could and I knew just what she meant and took off into the trees.
I was frightened to hear that he was not far behind me as I tried to duck and weave among the trees. When we both made it to the road I realized why M.O.M. told me to run, as I was able to stay ahead of him as I can run very fast.
I swung around in the forest in a large circle and made it back to M.O.M. and got as close to her as I could. But the dog came at me again and caught me by the side of my neck. M.O.M. crashed a very big stick across his back which gave me the chance to escape again. The dogs man owner had finally appeared and made several attempts to grab the dogs collar before finally gets both hands on him. He pulled the mean dog back toward his house and M.O.M. hurried us out to the road.
When we felt we were finally safe, M.O.M. knelt down and pulled me close to her. She was shaking as hard as I was. She kept whispering "I'm sorry Mistaya, I'm so sorry." She ran her gentle hands all over my little body to check for cuts and blood. We were both astounded that I was not bleeding anywhere on my sore body. So we headed home, looking constantly over our shoulders, in fear of another attack from this very mean dog.
When we returned home and M.O.M. was telling M.O.D. about the attack she said that what mad her so angry was the fact that the dog owner blamed us for the attack. So M.O.M. called the Sheriff to report the incident in case the dog and owner had let this happen before or if it should happen again. And fortunately we do have a no loose dog policy in this county so maybe this will never happen again after the Sheriff makes his visit.
We never thought I would be attacked on my own road. And I am so lucky to be blessed with many dogs lives! And thank you M.O.M. for teaching me what "run" meant when we play together in the yard. I love to race in circles so she took that opportunity to teach me the word "run" every time I made big, fast circles. I think she just saved my short life!!!


  1. I was so scared for you and I am so glad that you are ok. It is amazing that you didn't bleed anywhere, how lucky for you. I am so angry at that other dog, but especially his human. I don't think dogs want to be mean I think sometimes the humans cause some of it. Get some rest now and be careful. I am also glad that your M.O.M. didn't get hurt.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Thank you Sasha, I feel very lucky to have made it through that day without any major injuries. I am feeling much better today and we plan to take a nice easy walk down our road this morning. And I will watch for any mean dogs to keep M.O.M. and I safe. Tail wags to you!


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