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June 19, 2009


I went with M.O.M. on another of her group walks and I had such a wonderful time with all of them. And because I was the only dog on this adventure, I got to be the leader for all the ladies! M.O.M. kept me on my leash for just a short distance and when she realized we were the only ones on the trail she happily let me run on ahead on the trail. It was so much fun to get to explore everything and even run after a few squirrels too. It sure is a good thing I can't climb trees!
As you can see, I sometimes did get quite a ways ahead of the group. But I always stop about every 30 feet or so and look back to make sure M.O.M. is still safely on the trail. She seems to really appreciate that as it always makes her smile.
We walked about 7 miles on this fun walk and followed the lake the entire way. So I had plenty of opportunities to play in the water along the trail. We even crossed 2 creeks that didn't have bridges that were just shallow enough that I didn't have to swim. But I do love the water!
This is the bridge we came to at the end of the lake. When we stood in the middle of the bridge the water was very noisy and it did make me nervous. I stayed very close to M.O.M. and she put my leash on me before we started onto the bridge.
The trail does go on around the other side of the lake but the group decided to turn around and return back to the parking lot the same way we came. This trail is a lot smoother and less hills than that side of the lake. Of course I didn't care which was we went as long as I could continue to run free in such a beautiful forest. Another wonderful day in the life of this very lucky young puppy.

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