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April 18, 2009


Okay, just why do I have this giant rope tied to my collar today?
Okay, M.O.M. says "It is to keep me safe."
And I ask "Just what is it keeping me safe from?"
M.O.M. said "To make sure you don't set your sites on a bird flying by."
And I said "What bird?"
M.O.M. Said "Every time you spy a bird in the yard you chase after it."
And I said "What's wrong with that?"
I heard M.O.M. explain to M.O.D. that when I take off after a bird I tend to forget where I am and just where I am running. And I never hear her calling my name and telling me to come back into the yard. She said I have even run right into the road and not looking to see if any vehicles
are coming. So that is why she is keeping this rope on me today while she is doing some gardening in the front yard.
If I wasn't so well behaved (most of the time) I would chew this darn rope right off my collar. What's a puppy to do???

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  1. Well, little girl, you gotta' learn to mind your M.O.M then you won't have to be tied up.


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