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April 11, 2009


I apologize for not getting the photos of my walk posted much earlier. Something along the road that I was sure was put there just for me to eat made me not feel well for awhile. Of course M.O.M. was not aware that I had picked something up so she was very worried when we got back home and I started throwing up. But she stayed with me and as my tummy started to settle she snuck me a very small piece of a Tums for my tummy. I sure felt better and was able to play my usual games later that day. So all is well with me today.
All the side dirt roads are still snowed in so the group walked the West Fork Road. Since we were on the big road M.O.M. made me stay on my leash. But I still had lot's of fun!
They brought bags and picked up litter along the way. By the time we had returned to where they had parked the cars, they had collected 2 very large black bags and several grocery bags full of litter. I don't understand why humans throw junk from their vehicles in such a beautiful area of this world.
But M.O.M. and her group made this part of our world quite a bit prettier.
Maybe next week we can finally walk in the woods again.

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