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April 13, 2009


M.O.M., M.O.D. and I went into the big city and on the way back home they stopped at my favorite farm and garden store. They welcome dogs in their store and I know just what aisle my favorite "chew Sticks" are located in and I head straight there every time we visit here.
But can you imagine my shock and amazement when I walked by this big metal tank and knew I heard the sound of birds peeping. I couldn't believe my eyes when I stuck my head over the rim of the first tank and there were dozens of little tiny birds. Gosh, they didn't ever try to fly away as I was intently watching them.
Oh my! When we moved along to the next tank I was in shock to see that this one held even more little birds. I felt the urge to leap into this tank filled with all these wonderful little birds to see if I could encourage them to take flight so I could chase them. But at that same moment M.O.D. sense that my body was about to spring into action and leap in the middle of the little creatures. He gently pulled me away and said we had better find some chew sticks before this little dog gets herself into big trouble! Darn, I lost my chance.
When I got to the checkout area I remembered that the nice lady behind the counter usually gave me a few biscuits. So I laid down my chew stick and was pleased to realize that I have grown enough to be able to hook my claws on the top of the counter so she would be sure to see me. And of course she saw me, smiled and immediately handed me my treat. I love this place!

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