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March 23, 2009


M.O.M. was busy organizing her craft room today when I strolled in to see what was keeping her so busy that she couldn't pay more attention to me.
She was too busy to notice that I had picked up a jar full of beads that she had placed on the floor. So when she didn't look my way I quietly walked out the door and into the living room where M.O.D. was sitting.

When M.O.D. asked me where I had found this treasure I tried so very hard to give him that look that says "I found these so they should be mine!!" I did manage to make it into my doggie bed near the front window before M.O.D. could take my prize treasure away from me. He did follow me there and was very kind when he gently took the jar from my mouth.

Of course I was so disappointed to find out that I couldn't keep this wonderful find of mine. M.O.D. did bring me a yummy biscuit to make up for taking my treasure away from me. So I felt much better about the whole experience but that doesn't mean I won't stop trying to find my own pretty treasures again some day.

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  1. You were really just trying to get attention, weren't you?


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