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February 04, 2009


I found myself a bag of these long chew sticks at Petsmart and also a giant bag of these yummy treats. I have one of the chew sticks out in my kennel so I can enjoy one while I am soaking up some sunshine and getting some fresh air.
I also get to have a large chew stick in the house and I lay on my blanket by my little inside kennel and chew on it a lot.
And I get one of these scrumptious little treats every time I come back in our house. Yes, that's why I usually hurry to get there! And it's the reason why there are big "X's" of tape on the slider door. I do get in a hurry to get back inside with my family and I keep forgetting to make sure the door is really open before I run through it!

My family surprised me with this strange thing when we returned home from our adventure to the big city this week. Of course I had no idea what this thing was for or what it did.
Hmmm, why is that pretty new ball stuck in that strange looking stick? I need to see what this thing is all about.
I found out real fast why that ball was in the end of that blue stick! The stick allowed M.O.M. and M.O.D. to be able to easily throw the blue and orange ball REAL far for me to chase. Wow!!! What a cool thing. Oh, that's me, the little black thing in the middle of the driveway, as I am running as fast as I can back to M.O.M. with the ball so she can launch it for me again.
I have heard them both use the word "exercise" but since I don't knkow what that means I am just enjoying chasing the ball as many times as they will throw it for me.

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