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January 31, 2009


My days have become filled with many of my assigned duties so I have a tough time getting in all of my important naps.
I sleep in this position a lot when the curtains behind me are open so I can keep an open eye on everything going on in the back yard. Boy, my days can be so difficult!
Then I sleep this way when M.O.M. and M.O.D. are in the kitchen cooking up something and I always hope there is something for me. And if there isn't then I can get in a few extra winks of sleep. Oh my life is so tough!
But this is my most important duty in my life. I can sit here in the living room and look right out the front windows looking out onto the road and at the same time I can see what is happening near my kennel in the side yard. It is very important that I keep track of all the animals and people that walk down our road. I do get a little excited when the flock of turkeys come near but they no longer come in our front yard ever since I moved in here. I think I am glad because a few of them are very large and I think they would get the best of me it they had the chance.
M.O.M. and I went on a nice long walk down our road today. I was allowed to use the retractable leash that let's me run up to 20 feet ahead of M.O.M. I am on a leash these days because M.O.M. and M.O.D. don't like the way I have been acting when I am without my leash. I think my training kind of faded from my memory because M.O.M. was sick for 2 weeks and we didn't get outside for many long walks during that time.
But they are not allowing me to use that excuse to run like crazy through the neighbors yards, under the wire fences to run in the pastures or after a dog that comes up to their fence. They do let me run fast until I reach the end of the leash so it is still fun. But M.O.M. gets upset because I never remember where the end of the leash is and sometimes I am going so fast that when the end of the leash comes it makes me do a flip. It doesn't really hurt me much but M.O.M. is afraid it will hurt my neck muscles and bones.
So that is one of the reasons M.O.M. bought me the "halter" style of leash. Instead of fitting around my neck and pulling on my neck it goes gently around my nose just below my eyes. And I learned very quickly how to use it and how gentle it is. And I can't believe how different I act when I am wearing the "halter". I find myself walking quietly beside M.O.M. and enjoying the view as we walk along. And because I am strolling instead of always running, I have been able to see lot of eagles and hawks and black birds flying in the sky. Wow, this is great!


  1. Mistaya, I am glad your mom is well enough to take you on walks again. Be gentle with her and listen to her when she is teaching you something.

  2. Hi Keewee, yes I beleive it is my most important duty to try to do just what M.O.M. is teaching me. And of course the reward treats are awesome!! Mistaya


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