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November 06, 2013

I am doing fine!

I am having a lot of fun living here with my new family. But I am sure you can tell that one of my favorite things to do is to look for more places to nap.

 Actually, anyone or anything that is not moving seems to make a pretty soft pillow for me to lie on and take a great nap.

And I get to go out for walks several times a day and there is a park not far from my home and I get to go there to play a lot! And mom even let's me ride with her when she uses the swings at the park. When we swing real high I can see clear out to the water of the Sound. Wow!!! But I love running in the grass the most cause that is so much fun.

So I am settling in to my new home real well. And I get plenty of hugs and kisses from all the sweet ladies that live here in our building. They love picking me up and giving me hugs. Okay, I like that too!

So I think I like it here a lot. (and mom lets me sleep under the bedcovers at the foot of the bed at night. Cause that is my favorite place!!!)

Have a great day!!  Hugs, Willow


  1. I am glad you are doing so good and you sure are a cutie!

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Thank you so much Sasha. I am having so much fun getting to know everyone. Thank you for stopping by!! Hugs, Willow

  3. Under the bedcovers at the foot of the hooman's bed sounds like heaven to us, Willow! You are one lucky little girl!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Hi Mitch and Molly, you are so right!! I am a lucky girl. The bed is so warm and cozy under the bedcover and I can sleep all night there until mom wakes me up to go outside! I love it here.
    Hugs, Willow

  5. Hi 1keewee1!! how are you girlfriend?! We love our little Willow and she seems to be having a lot of fun and learning things real fast. She is helping to fill a bit of the hole in my heart.
    Love you!!!


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