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November 04, 2012

The Cowpuppy

Our little "CowPuppy" has found a new forever home.
We went with Maggie to her new forever home today.  The people are so nice with a beautiful home and a wonderful fenced yard for Maggie to call her own.

The couple instantly sensed our broken hearts and even shed a few tears themselves.  Maggie seemed fairly comfortable but was eagerly looking for Mistaya.  We hope she will settle in well. We did tell the couple to call us if they have any questions and that she does come with  a "No fault" return policy.  But my guess is that she is in this home for the rest of her days.  We feel they are the perfect couple for our little Angel.

Of course the trip home was a very difficult one and Mistaya knowing we came home without Maggie was hard also.  I pray time will heal all of us and Maggie's Angels will hold her close and remind her as the days go by just how much we love her still.

I want to thank all our kind friends in blog land for all your kind words and encouraging comments.  One day the pain of our separation with Maggie may lessen but our love will not.

Thank God for a safe loving home for our beautiful cowpuppy Maggie. I love you Maggie


  1. What wonderful news! We are so very happy for Maggie!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. I'm glad it went well, and you are right, this is her forever home.

    Sending hugs.


  3. Good for Maggie, A FUREVER HOME. Your hearts broken, but find another little pooch and it will help the healing.
    That why Mom found ME!!!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  4. Thank you Mitch and Molly. We hope to hear from in the next few days to see how Maggie is doing. Hope is can be happy there.

  5. Thank you did feel like it was the perfect forever home for her.

  6. Oh Susie and Sidebite...isn't it wonderful that your mom did find you!! We feel this is Maggie's perfect forever home too. We will update when we hear anything from little Maggie

  7. So glad you found the perfect home . I know how hard it is. Our pets have always been like children to us, too. Remember she will be loved...

  8. Thank you Rae. I still miss her so but she has found the perfect home. The husband and wife both have fallen completely in love with little Maggie. They stopped by yesterday to pick up some tools my husband has sold them. NO! they did not bring Maggie with them. I could not have done that cause I would not let her get back in that truck!! Yes, that is selfish but I love her. They said she is doing extremely well and has started eating at last. We knew she would sooner or later. She does everything they ask her to do, she already knows not to get on the couch and sleeps all night in her own bed...just like I knew she would! The good news always makes me feel better but miss her so much at the same time.
    We have been blessed by the Angel Puppies by finding this remarkable home for Maggie.
    Hugs to you, Gail

  9. How wonderful that sweet Maggie has found such a great new home. It sounds like she will be loved dearly. But on the other hand my heart aches for you. Even though it was for the best I know it had to be incredibly difficult.


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