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July 14, 2012

The time has come to tell the rest of the story...

This is without a doubt the most difficult post I have ever wrote.  A big change has come into our lives and it will change everything in our world very soon.

We have struggled with this decision for over 6 months. And it has not been a easy decision for either of us.

For our health and well being we are moving...we are moving into a different city and we are moving into an apartment.

The difficult part is no dogs over 20 pounds are allowed in the building.  No, neither Maggie or Mistaya are anywhere near 20 pounds.

My precious Mistaya has made a loving friendship with someone we see almost everyday in our neighborhood. And they are both so in love with each other. She and her husband are building a new home in the forest where Mistaya will have 20 acres of woods to run in with joy and even a small river all her own. There is a young daughter in the family too so I know Mistaya will be assured of plenty of love everyday.  I know she will feel like she is living back in Montana...her place she adored as she ran through the forest everyday while on our walks.

Then there is my sweet Maggie. Due to circumstances we can not control, Maggie may need to find her own forever home.  She is a big girl now.. 1 year and 8 months old and a very beautiful one with the kindest heart I have ever experienced in a dog in all my years.  She is very quiet, we have heard her bark just once since she came to live with us a year and 6 months ago. She is so filled with joy everyday that we often see her running and spinning in circles all by herself in the back yard. She will stop and look around as if she is saying..."Well, isn't anyone going to come and play with me?"  Then moments later she can be seen sitting quietly by herself and staring off into the heavens. I have often wondered...Is she having a conversation with God or possibly with all the Dog Angels?

 We did not have to house train her...when Maggie came to us at about 8 weeks Mistaya taught her all the rules of house living. And she has never had an accident.  She knows her commands and knows many hand signals too.  Because of Mistaya's name we could not use the word "stay" as it quickly confused Mistaya when she was little. So we use the command "Wait" and both dogs sit where ever they are and wait for the okay command.  If you point at Maggie she will sit and if you use the "come here" hand signal she comes running.
For a reason we will never understand, Maggie is frightened by loud noises. Her first 4th of July she spent the night cuddled up against me in bed. This year she did just fine but we made sure we gave her comfort during the early hours.
Hubby and I both had the thought that if we had any thought that this change was coming into our lives we would not have brought Maggie home from P.A.W.S. that day. 

But then we realized that not only has she brought a lifetime of joy into our lives and our home, but she has felt nothing but pure love and joy since the moment I picked her up out of that kennel and brought her home with us.
She is so full of love and my heart will never be the same without this little "Joy Spirit" in my life. I can only pray to the Dog Angels that Maggie will find the kind of loving home she so deserves.

We have a wonderful person interested in little Maggie but nothing is firm yet.  So if any of you know of a possible loving home for her please let us know.
 We know Maggie's Dog Angels will bring the right loving person into her life so she can share her wonderful love with them for the rest of her precious life.

Thank you all and we do hope you can understand as my heart is breaking and I am drowning in tears as I attempt to write this.  We love our pups so much and may never recover from this heart breaking episode in our lives.


  1. What a very tough decision for you and your hubby to have to make! We can't even imagine how heartbreaking this is for you!
    We are very happy for Mistaya and our paws are crossed that Maggie finds the perfect home.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Thank you so much Mitch and Molly for your kind words. Tell your mom I have enjoyed all her postings on your blog. We will let you know how things turn out for all of us here.

  3. heart breaks for yours. That will be hard. I am glad that Mistaya has a good home. Is there anyway that they could keep both dogs?? Maybe you can find an apt that allows a bigger dog. I hope that a great family will take Maggie so she so cute!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you for sure.

    Jazzi and Diana

  4. In difficult times it is good to remember that when one door Closes another OPENS. It is so for People and FurFolks alike.

  5. Hi Jazz, thank you for your kind words. We have spent more than 6 months trying to make things better and easier on all of us but we just don't have the option. Mistaya will be okay and hopefully in time Maggie will find her forever home too. It makes me so sad but happy to know they may share their love and happiness with someone else. And I know to make their lives easier we may never see them again. My heart hurts. We will let you know how things go with both dogs,hopefully in the near futur.
    Warm hugs to you have been a good dog blog friend to all of us. Gail

  6. Thank you Frankie and Ernie...that is a very good thing to remember...for all of us!
    Warm hugs, Gail

  7. That is true, they both have plenty of love to share with a new family kids etc. I know that you will miss them terribly but hopefully you can keep in touch with the family and by knowing how happy they are and how they are doing will comfort you so much. And you never know you might just be able to get a smal dog and give that dog a happy life ya know? and then you can keep blogging. Where will you be moving and where do you live now? We hope that all goes good for you with everything. How soon will you have to move?


  8. Sorry, I thought I was logged in through Jazzis blog but it was my blog instead LOL


  9. Oh Gail, I know this has got to be a difficult decision. Parting with Mistaya and Maggie would be heartbreaking for anyone, they are both beautiful sweethearts. I also know you and your husband are doing what is right for the girls.

    Wishing all of you the very best. And a belated Happy Birthday to Mistaya!


  10. Jazzi...thank you for your understanding words. We do want to find loving homes for our girls and hope to keep in touch on what is happening in their lives. We now live in Aberdeen and will be moving to Olympia near the end of the year. It has been one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make. I fear the day it actually happens but look forward to finding just the perfect home for both of them. Mistaya has been so lucky to have found the best situation for herself...20 acres with people that already love her. Maggie is in my prayers that she too can find such a loving home for herself. We will keep you updated as to our progress in this difficult journey.
    Again, thank you, Gail and the girls

  11. Squirrel Queen...thank you so much. Life is turned upside down for us and the pups these days and I try to hold them tight every chance I get. I know we can find the perfect home for both girls but it is the fact that I should never see them in person again for their own well being. I couldn't control myself if I did come upon them somewhere. So for this reason I am thankful we are moving out of this area hopefully by years end. What a tough journey this is for me. Thank you for understanding.
    Hugs, Gail

  12. I am so sorry that you have to make this decision. I know that you will find Mistaya and Maggie wonderful loving furever homes. I will say a prayer for all of you.

    Anne and Sasha


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