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January 06, 2012

Christmas Day At Our House By The Sea

I took this picture of the pups in the back yard on Christmas Day. I am still not used to seeing green grass all year long nor nothing white lying on top of the grass.
I know Mistaya prefers the white stuff to play in and Maggie has experienced snow fall only once in her little life. I wonder if she remembers playing in it last winter?
I also took the following photos on Christmas day. I have never had plants flowering in any of my flower beds anytime during the winter!  It amazes me to see them still growing.

This rose is just about ready to burst into bloom any minute.
This Daisy has traveled with me from Washington, to Montana and now back to Washington and it never fails to produce beautiful flowers for me. They come in so many different color patterns. Some are pure yellow. some have brown streaks thru the peadals, some are covered in a beautiful brown hiding almost any of the yellow.
As I always say..."In the garden..where there's color there is hope."

Spring will be here soon!


  1. It seemed strange not to have snow on Christmas over this way too. Your lawn and mine look about the same. The flowers are pretty and in no time at all they will have lots of blooms.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. My asst. is calling this the winter that wasn't... although she knows that's risky since it's still relatively early. Time will tell.

  3. SquirrelQueen,
    I am happy that we do not get any snow in our yard cause I am tired of the window scrapping and shoveling!
    Hope the flowers bloom like crazy this spring and summer!
    Hugs, Gail

  4. Tank, she is so right, it could still be hiding around the corner and we may wake up one morning to a covering of white stuff. I know the pups would love it but I would not miss it. Don't tell the 'girls' I said that okay???

  5. Wow what cute pups you have there! I'm glad to hear that your plants are still doing well too despite the cold weather! It's a Christmas miracle (goodness knows all of mine are dead...)! Maybe that's good luck for the new year?? :) Best wishes to you and your family!

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