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July 10, 2011


These are a few photos of the great sites we came upon during our wanderings thru the Rain Forest during our recent camping adventure.

This is a photo of myself and my son. We had a photo taken in this exact spot when we both made this same trip to the Rain Forest about 27 years ago.  I know for a fact my son has grown a lot more than this old tree has in that many years! Well, I haven't grown up any further but I have grown 'out' a bit since then!

This was a beautiful plant that was growing on this massive tree. I just thought it was a very pretty site.

This is one of the many small creeks we crossed as we wandered thru the forest. Everything is so lush and green.

I took this photo while standing on the bridge that crossed another creek. Yes, you are actually looking down into the creek bed.  The plants are on the floor of the creek. The water is really this crystal clear. I could even see small fish swim by.

If you ever get the chance to make a trip to the Olympic National Forest and to see the Hoh Rain Forest in the Western part of Washington State I know you will not be disappointed.


  1. That's a great shot of you and your son next to the tree. I'll bet you had lots of fun exploring the area.

  2. What lovely pictures! We can almost hear the pin drop!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. I am not a camping kind of girl but I think I would love to go camping in a beautiful place like that!!!
    xx, Fern

  4. Such lovely memories return to me as i see your photos.

  5. was a dream come true to get to explore this beautiful forest again with my son. We all had a wonderful time and are making this trip..camping, beach combing and wondering thru the Hoh Rain Forest and the Olympic Nation Park and Forest a annual event. That makes me so happy!
    Hugs, Gail and the girls

  6. Maggie and Mitch..we could actually hear voices from far down the is such a quiet place to enjoy.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya, maggie and M.O.M.

  7. Yes Fern, this seems to be a place that everyone can enjoy. I am glad I can share my pictures with you. Hugs, Gail

  8. Keewee, it is an unforgetable place isn't it. I never tire of seeing it, smell the wonderful smells of the forest, hearing the waves roll up the beach and see all the wildlife that seems to be everywhere.
    Hugs, Gail


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