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July 05, 2011


I had not been to the Rain Forest for at least 25 years. It felt good to be back but I did notice some things had changed. There must have been less rain falling throughout the years as this forest was not a dark and filled with beautiful long trendales of dark green moss hanging for the trees that I remember from years ago.
But there were still many, many of the giant trees that have been there for many centuries.
Some with just their stumps left to see.

Many with very interesting bark in different textures.

There were guided tours throughout this magnificent forest with a wonderful information center with many photos to view of very large and majestic trees.

I am sure we will return to this amazing place soon to wander through the woods to enjoy more of the sights.


  1. I can see the changes in the forest too. It has been some 30 years since I was last there.

  2. Gosh Jenn..maybe we actually passed each other on the site seeing trails way back then. I guess it is certainly possible. Maybe that is why we were so quickly attracted to each other when we finally met at work a few years back!
    Hugs, Gail

  3. I love all these trees, it really makes one feel small standing in their presence. I haven't been to the Olympic National forest but it reminds me a lot of the forest of the Southern Oregon/Northern California coast. Those old Douglas Firs are huge. If you ever get a chance drive a little farther south to the Redwoods, they are magnificent.


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