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June 13, 2011


Hi everyone.
We want you to know that M.O.M. has been trying to leave comments on your blogs for several hours today but she cannot. We do want you to know that we have been visiting your blogs but if you don't accept anonymous post then we can not leave you a comment.

M.O.M. just tried to leave the following comment for Jazzi but could not so she is giving up and posting it here............
M.O.M. and M.O.D. do not allow Maggie and me to be in the kitchen when they are cooking. M.O.M. does try to sneak me bites when Maggie isn't around cause Maggie has never tasted human food like I have. Maggie has not yet figured out what those great smells are coming from the kitchen. M.O.M. can even sit down on the couch to enjoy a snack and Maggie will curl up beside her not realizing there is something delicious to beg for. Heck, she doesn't even know what begging is. M.O.M. has said she wishes they would have done it that way with me. Apparently she thinks my wonderful waist line is getting out of control. And of course Maggies looks nice and trim!!

Oh well.

Hugs and wags, Mistaya and skinny Maggie!
We do hope to resolve this comment issue soon so we can get back in touch with all our blogger friends!!


  1. If she drops it we get it!! and sometimes she wil sneak us a piece or two of something good. We dont beg if they are sitting on the couch, just while waiting for the droppings


  2. Miss Cindi doesn't know what human food is either but the scents will make her little nose go crazy sometimes.

    What browser are you using? Most problems seem to be with IE. I am using Firefox and have only had a minor problem or two.

  3. Mistaya and Maggie we are so sorry you are having trouble can be very frustrating. Hopefully it is just a glitch that will be solved soon.
    Hugs Madi


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