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April 01, 2011




Webster's Dictionary tells us that Adoption is to choose or take as one's own, to take a new relationship.

In the animal world, to me it means to rescue, to free from confinement and even save from death.

My first memorable animal adoption was of a tiny black ball of fur with the most appealing facial expression I had ever seen.  There was no way I could say no to such a Kitten.  She would sit in the palm of my hand and look at me as if to say "Well, now what?"

This little creature joined my household when my son was 7 years old.  At a very early age she decided it was her job to sit on my son's lap at every opportunity and to follow him everywhere he went in our house.  She was not allowed to go outside because to the Coyote pack that traveled through our neighborhood. But she claimed a spot on the front windowsill that was hers for many years to come.

As my son grew older and his friends made numerous appearances at our house, our cat welcomed his friends into our home as if they lived there too. 

But the amazing thing about this adopted or rescued cat is that she had an uncanny ability to know when my son was coming home.  Knowing when he was arriving on his school bus was easy to figure out. It arrived at almost the same time in front of our house twice a day.  And of course she would be sitting in the living room window waiting for the bus to come over the hill.

But her action that always surprised me was her ability to know just the precise moment my son would drive over the hill after spending some time away....a few hours or even a day or more.  As he came down the street into our driveway he could always see that cat sitting in the window waiting for him.

She must have thought that this action was her duty.  Her way of saying thank you for rescuing her.

My son left home after high school and our cat missed him every day.  She spent a lot of time in his empty room probably hoping he was coming home soon.

My only mistake with this adopted cat was one day when my son called home I told him to say hello to her and put the phone to her ear.  Not realizing her strong bond with him that had never been broken, she spent the next several hours walking around the house crying and looking for him.  How do you explain to a cat that son is over 2,000 miles away and not hiding out in our house somewhere?

Our wonderful cat spent the next 7 years without seeing her dear friend.  But the day he returned she knew the moment he was approaching the hill to our house.  She suddenly positioned herself in her familiar spot at the window even before his car crested the hill above our driveway.  I was amazed and have wondered many times how she knew he was finally coming home.  She carried on for hours like an old mother hen fussing over him.

She spent a total of 22 years sharing her love and affection with us.  I still miss the sweet sound of her purr during the night that always felt so reassuring to me as she and I spent all those nights alone together as we both grew older.

This beautiful cat did get to spend many blissful days out in the sun.  I remarried when she was 17 years old and we lived in a very cat friendly area.  It did not take her long to find just that one special spot in the shaded yard that became her own personal napping spot.  She laid there so often that a indent in the yard could be seen for several years after she left us.

If was good to know that she was able to enjoy the sun on her fur and the gentle fresh breeze against her face in her remaining years with us.

She passed on over the Rainbow Bridge into heaven while lying in my arms for comfort.  After all she had given me I knew this was the least I could do for my dear sweet friend.

I have adopted several animals in my life and they have all been sweet, kind and anxious to return my love.  They all seem to know that they have been given a second chance in this life and try to show their gratitude every day.


  1. Woof! Woof! Sweet n wonderful post. Great Life Indeed 22 years. Forever will be remembered. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. What a great story. I recently lost my cat of twenty years. It's sad when they go, but I wouldn't trade my pets for anything.


  3. Aww..what a sweet story. It is unexplainable how she Just knew!! Pets are amazing animals!! and we love them to pieces!!

    Jazzi and addy

  4. Thanks Sugar, She is still missed every day.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya, Maggie and Gail

  5. Thank you Dan, she will be forever missed. Gail

  6. Hi Jazzi, I have wondered so many times how she always knew when my son was coming home. The first time he returned from the New York area to Washington State she was acting a bit upset then jumped up into her spot at the window just as he came down the hill and turned into the driveway. They must have had an encredilbe special bond between them. A once in a lifetime bond I bet.
    Hugs, Gail

  7. What a wonderful story Gail, she sounds like an amazing cat. Rescued pets are the very best, they have so much love to give.


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