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September 09, 2010


M.O.M. and I didn't post yesterday because of M.O.M.'s trauma of seeing me after my beauty appointment for a bath and a blow-out.  When she arrived to pick me up I noticed that she was very quiet.

After we were in the car I really think I heard her crying a little bit.  Then when M.O.D. asked her what was wrong she said.."I know this is silly, but I told the lady I wanted our Mistaya to have a bath and a blow dry...that was all."  So you can imagine what went through her mind when she put my leash on me and started out the door.  The grooming lady had trimmed all the hair off my little feet and legs, but the worst part for M.O.M. was...she had clipped off all of my beautiful hair from my very cute little behind!!!  Including all the pretty long hair on my very short tail.

I have been giving her as many licks and wags as I think she can stand and I think she is beginning to feel better cause she keeps holding me close and telling me she is sorry and that she loves me so much.

Hopefully my hair will grow back quickly and then we will definitely find us a different groomer!!  M.O.M. said it may be awhile before she posts a new picture of me!!! So please be patient with us for awhile!!


  1. So that is why Beth won't let anyone else groom me....I was wonder why....she always says -- no one is going to touch Remington but me. I thought it was silly but I don't like I would like a haircut like that either. Don't worry it WILL all grow back. And I am certain that you are just as beautiful as ever! SMILE!

  2. Oh no! What a terrible thing to happen! Did your Mom tell the people they did a bad thing? My Duchess would have said something and then cried all the way home :(
    I hope it grows back fast for you. But even so, I bet you are still beautiful!

    Emma Rose

  3. Oh no!! Fortunately Jack doesn't need to be trimmed. All his hair just falls off.


    Pounds of it!

  4. Hi everyone, M.O.M. is beginning to feel a bit better but says she will never go near that place again!! She said she wishes she could bathe me herself but it is just to hard to bend over the tub all that time. M.O.D. said if water wasn't so expensive here he would install a doggie tub just so M.O.M. could stand there and bathe me. But that's okay, I totally understand the whole thing and I know in my heart neither one of them will ever let this happen again!!! Hugs and wags to all of you!!! Mistaya

  5. Aw Mistaya, that groomer did not listen to your M.O.M. Shame on her for cutting you beautiful fur. It will grow back soon.


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