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August 06, 2010


We are settling into our little home by the sea and have managed to get in a few adventures by the sea too. We have been very busy unpacking and organizing  everything. I will try to post a few of Mistaya's adventures at the sea in the next few days.
It is wonderful to be back.....we have missed you all!!!  Hugs from Mistaya's M.O.M.


  1. Mistaya, Weezer (the dog) and KG and Xena (the cats - OOOOHHH) went back and looked through your stories and they wanted to tell you have happy they were to know you have a wonderful new family and home. But Weezer says he wants to give you a hint! If you can learn to be kinda NICE to your cat sister, you'll probably get extra treats...maybe even some of hers! It might be worth it! He sure thinks so....

  2. Hi Weezer...Yes, I have discovered that the nicer I am to Catsister the more treats I do get!! Awesome!! But she had better stay away from my treat bowl! Well, a dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya


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