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July 08, 2010


As we were traveling on Interstate 90 in Washington State heading west  towards Snoqualmie Pass, this very large Semi tractor trailer passed us going east.  On that trailer was a very big wind turbine blade.
The cars beside this trailer gives you more of a idea of just how big this blade was.
It wasn't until we were returning to Montana over Interstate 90 just before The Gorge above the Columbia River that I really began to understand just what this blade was all about.
On the hillside next to the Freeway was a vast area with many of these wind machines already working.  If you look closely in the above photo you can see many of these giant "beasts" on the hill tops in the background.
Their size did look enormous but you really had nothing to compare them with to really understand the actual size of these costly machines.
That's when I captured this photo below that has a regular size pickup sitting beside one of the wind machines.
That's when I finally began to comprehend just how big these electricity makers really are.

Our little Mistaya was such a wonderful traveler on this journey to Aberdeen.  I will post some photos of her tomorrow so she can show you her side of the story.


  1. I've seen a lot of the wind turbines in Texas. There's one area with dozens of them!

  2. We saw the wind farm last week when we were over that way. There are also a wind farms in New Zealand. My brother took me to see one and standing beside the base of one of the turbines is an awesome feeling. The blades make swish, swish sound as they turn above your head.
    Looking to more reports from Mistaya on her adventures in Aberdeen.

  3. I am obviously tired, as there are a few typos in my last comment.*grin*

  4. We have wind farms back where Mike and Beth use to live in ND. They are cool!

  5. Hi JackDaddy, it is good that we are finally learning to use the wind for our power. That is something that should never be in short supply! Hugs andwags, Mistaya

  6. Hey Keewee...I certainly understand the tired thing. Will I ever get over the feeling of wornout and drained?! Probably I will just in time to load the UHaul and do it again...Ugh! Gail

  7. Hi Remington, I love the sound they make when they are all moving in the wind!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  8. Hi Mistaya,
    Wow that is one humongous turbine.
    We are glad to hear you are a good traveling companion. We look forward to pictures of you in Aberdeen.
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  9. I think it's Arkansas believe it or not where they stockpile these and take them out on semi's, they come up the MS river I think.

  10. Hi TC, the large blades arrive in Washington by ship from Germany through the Seattle waterfront then are truck to Eastern Washington for installation. They also arrive through a seaport in Oregon too. Sounds like the manufacturers are making a large sum of money off of America!!! That would be an amazing site to see them traveling up the Mississippi River!


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