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April 28, 2010


I am sorry for my absence but M.O.M. uploaded a new template to 3 of her blogs and then the trouble started.
Everything loaded so slow.
She couldn't work in her Kodak picture site.
Emails wouldn't open.
Facebook wouldn't show all of a comment.
Blogger want her to use only Pecas(?) to upload pictures and it contained only pictures already on my blog.
And on and on.

So she has removed all the new templates that she worked so hard on...and I really like the one she put on my site.  Things are once again back to normal but she said she will try a new template on just my site and see what happens.
So wish us luck and we will see you next time with either a new template or the old one again.  Hugs and wags, Mistaya


  1. Looks good right now. I hope it works okay for you. Hey, I'll play ball with you! Looks like you have a couple there....I'm just sayin'....

  2. It does look good, except some puppy has been walking all over your screen and left footprints!!!

  3. I like it too! I know how frustrated M.O.M. must have been though:(

  4. Hi REM...I have a few balls that M.O.M. will throw for us to chase...come on over when we get moved to the ocean. hugs and wags, mistaya

  5. JackDaddy, M.O.M. said she isn't to upset about the paw prints cause they look like mine and that's okay. hug and wags, mistaya

  6. Tank, M.O.M. said this site is doing much better this time! hugs and wags, mistaya

  7. Oh Mistaya!!!
    We love your new template and are sorry M.O.M. had so many problems. Mom is afraid to change anything on my blog for that very reason.
    She wants a new camera but is also worried about compatibility...thus we will probably look the same for eternity and be taking pictures with a dinosaur!!
    HA Madi and Mom

  8. Love the new look, the paw prints are so cute. Sorry about all the problems you had, Blogger gets picky sometimes (all the time?).

  9. Oh boy, that's why I decided not to update my blog site...sorry about the problems you had. But it does look great. Love JackDaddy's comment. BOL!!

    Love you Mistaya,

    Much Love,
    Woofs and Hugz,
    Josie and Blues


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