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April 23, 2010


Now that's what I call a real friend!

As you can see, M.O.M. has been busy on the Internet.  But I must also add, that she and I have been going for walks on our dirt road twice a day this week.  And I am loving every minute of it. So I really don't mind very much that she does the computer thing cause I love the time we spend together on our walks.
 And I did overhear her say something to M.O.D. about "Mistaya is getting a little broad in the beam."  I have no idea what they are talking about but if it means I get to run through the forest twice a day they can say anything they want. 
Of course, it may be better that this pup doesn't know what they are talking about.


  1. Love that Squirrel picture with the camera!!

    Hey, "a little broad in the beam"!!!

    What's that supposed to mean??? People comment on me too. But my mom says I am just "really healthy" and because I am a rescue, who knows what other kinds of doggie genes I have in me, so who knows what the proper way to look is??

    You seem to get plenty of exercise Mistaya. Lots of walks and runs. No worries. More runs means more fun. Woof!

    Much Love,
    Josie and Blues

  2. HiJosie, I do see M.O.M. smile when she uses the comment..."broad as a beam" so it didn't do to much to me. And I would go on a walk with her every half hour of the day if she would take me cause I just LOVE TO RUN AND JUMP OVER THINGS!!! So maybe if I keep being "broad in the beam" I will get out in the forest more often. Now if I can just figure out how I did get broad in the beam in the first place!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  3. OMG! That is so cute! I have had some internet connection problems over the past week and I knew I was missing some good post.


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