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March 18, 2010


No, we don't have any snow...this is just me dreaming what it used to be like. M.O.M. said that the temperature reached 74 degrees yesterday and it looks like it will again today.
Even my favorite pond has lost all of it's wonderful ice today. Gosh, there is nothing but water in it. There usually isn't any water in there until sometime late April, but because the sun is melting what little snow there is in the mountains, our irrigation ditches are filling with water from the run off. Of course while I am on my wonderful walks...or rather runs...I do enjoy getting down into the ditch beside the road and finding ice cold water there to quench my thirst.

I guess all I have of my precious snow is my memories. And M.O.M. tells me those are going to be real important soon when we move to the ocean. Now that is one giant pond!!!

Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail.


  1. Oh Mistaya, I am sorry you have to leave your snow behind but there will be so much to explore at the ocean.

    Remind M.O.M that the mountains aren't that far away, maybe you can visit the snow.

  2. Hi Mistaya....Great to hear from you and we love that quote...under your picture. Oh boy yes if you've never seen the ocean you are in for a treat and walking on the beach, and finding shells, and watching the little hermit crabs on the sand oh such fun you will have. You have warmer temperatures than we do. HA
    Madi and Mom

  3. Enjoy your time at SNOWLESS Country! I like that saying!

  4. Snow AND ocean. You got it made! :)

  5. I still have some memory of my walk..or rather my run... at the ocean last fall but I can't remember if I liked it as much as I like snow. I guess I will just have to find out! Hugs and wags to all my friends here, Mistaya


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