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March 31, 2010

Early this morning M.O.M. put my collar on me so I immediately knew we were going for walk.

M.O.M. told me that we had been invited to go on the group walk with her friends so I stationed myself in front of one of the windows so I could see when her friend pulled in our driveway. I am so excited cause I love to go on these hour and a half walks with everybody!
So I waited, getting a bit excited every time a car came down our road.

And I waited....
And I waited some more.
After 30 minutes of waiting M.O.M. came to me and said she was afraid that we had been forgotten. But I continued to wait at the window, but by now I was lying down and watching and the excitement and fun were starting to disappear for me.
M.O.M. noticed that I was still holding my post by the front window and she came to me and said that we were not going on the group walk today. She held me close...cause I think she was a bit sad and disappointed too...and she whispered in my ear..."Why don't you and I go on our own walk together?" Of course I was up and running in a flash and got to the front door before she could even get up off her knee's!!!
We walked our usual walk down the road but on our way home M.O.M. and I wandered off the road into the forest and we had the best walk we have had in weeks. I guess sometimes you just have to make you own joy in this world and today we did just that. Thank you so much M.O.M. It was a wonderful day after all!


  1. I like our alone walks the best!

  2. That's very heartwarming. So glad you got your walk:)

  3. You get to smell more things when you're out walking by yourself!!

  4. Hi Mistaya...
    Seize the moment is what Mom says. You and Mom had a much better time walking on your own.
    Madi and Mom

  5. It sounds like you still had a great walk Mistaya. Alone time with mom is always the best.

  6. I just re-read this and now I'm sad. Did you ever find out what happened to your walking buddies?

  7. Yes, walking with just M.O.M. is really the best. It gives me more time to stop and read all the 'animal bulletin boards' along our route. And boy, there are some real mysterious messages there sometimes!!
    And apparently me and M.O.M. were forgotten that day...forgotten on the walk...forgotten at lunch...forgotten for a stop at the craft suppy store that day too. But we love each other so we will be okay about the whole thing and just keep enjoying our wonderful walks together. Thank you all for your kind words. Hugs ad wags.


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