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December 23, 2009


Ah Geez...The day before Christmas I am at the Dr. Joes office..Nothing wrong with me but M.O.M. wanted to stop and get my weight for the month.

Do I really have to sit here on this scale in front of everyone and hear how much I weigh? Everybody will hear! Can't a girl get any privicy? Gosh, just please don't say it out loud!

M.O.M. didn't say my weight out loud but as we were getting ready to leave the office the nice lady behind the counter asked M.O.M. what the scales said....oh, no!!!!

But M.O.M. did tell the lady in a nice soft voice so everyone in the room did not hear that I have actually gained a few pounds since the last time I was here. Thank you M.O.M.


  1. Well, I still think you look beautiful!

    I hope you're ready for Christmas!!

  2. you are not fat, you are just fluffy! *chuckle*
    Merry Christmas Mistaya

  3. Mistaya, your assignment for 2010
    is to destroy any and all scales.
    Oh me I do so dread the 'walk of truth' at the Vet's office. You see I to seem to find extra kbs. in the most unlikely places.
    Madi and Mom

  4. I'm with you on this on Nistaya. Why do they put the scales in the waiting room in front of all the other kitties and doggies? Oh well, what can we do?

    I think you look very sleek and trim. Just wait until the weather gets better and you can run like the wind again.

    Miss Cindi


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