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December 09, 2009


Because it is still so cold outside I really don't have anything exciting to write about today. M.O.M. did bundle up earlier this afternoon and took me out to the street...our dirt road...and threw my ball for me to chase several times. The sun was shining but it was still very cold. Of course I ran as fast as I could every time M.O.M. threw the ball and came running back real fast so she could throw it again.
I was very happy that she took time out of her busy tree decorating to play with me. Gosh, I definitely know that she really loves me! Yes, I knew the moment I saw her at the Animal Shelter more than a year ago that she would always love me!
But I still have trouble figuring out just why M.O.M. and M.O.D. are once again trying to grow a pretty tree in the living room. She put all kinds of shiny balls and stuff on it but they have no smell so I assume that they are not for eating. I am willing to give this thing some more time to see just what this tree is all about.

I will let your know if I can discover the secret to all of this!

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  1. Do not eat the balls! Eat the turkey in the fridge instead!

  2. The little puppy and its mom are so cute.

    Mistaya, my mom is trying to grow one of those inside trees again too. Like JackDaddy said, don't eat the balls or other stuff on the tree. If you are really good maybe treats will appear under it, like magic!
    Miss Cindi

  3. Hi JackDaddy, yes I agree,,I did notice some turkey in the fridge this morning when M.O.M. was cooking breakfast. I will pay more attention now! hugs and wags, Mistaya

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  5. Hi Miss Cindi..Gosh I forgot that there were some presents that smelled really good under that tree the last time they tried to grow it here in the living room. I will pay attention now!! hugs and wags, Mistaya

  6. Mistaya,
    You were very lucky to get a exercise session yesterday. Good thing you ran fast to get the ball.
    I triple the advice of not eating the tree decorations. Also be careful when you get near it...there could be traps set to let the peeps know you are near the tree.
    My peeps have an ornament on the bottom that rins when I walk under it. Drat it I call it a tattle tale.

  7. Hi Madi, I didn't know that they made ornaments that tattled on you! Please don't tell M.O.M. about that! And I have decided not to try to eat the shiny ball things from the tree that is growning in the house. They are strange colors and very shiny. Weird! hugs and wags, Mistaya

  8. Keep chcking under that tree, Mistaya. You never know what's going to show up there!

    Stay warm!


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