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December 15, 2009


M.O.M. took me to my favorite farm store in the big city yesterday. As we entered the "Dog Heaven" part of the big store she asked me what I would like for Christmas.

So I lead her to some of my favorite things I had seen before.....

How about a nice bright ball to chase around the yard?

Wait a minute....something smells pretty good over here.....let's check this out...
Hey, something smells pretty good in here...maybe I could get a great big tasty bone in my stocking?

But wait! Look at all these bright pretty toys! Maybe one of those would make a great Christmas gift in my stocking.

Gosh, not only do they all look so pretty and would probably would be great to chew on....opps...I mean to play with! But I smell something good....

I think I smell something that smells so wonderful that I would give up any of these toys and maybe even a tasty bone just to get one of what ever is up there!

Oh my gosh!!!! That's where the terrific smell is coming from...way up there where I can't reach...darn. And I know just what they are....they are those delicious, scrumptious, yummy Pigs Ears!!!!
M.O.M. bought me a bag of those last summer and I enjoyed every one I got. But M.O.M. did not enjoy it when she gave them to me. She didn't even like the look of them let alone the smell and feel of them. You see, they really are pigs ears that have been processed for us dogs.
So as I was standing there begging my heart out for some of these for Christmas when M.O.M. knelt down beside me and softly told me that she just couldn't buy any more of these for me to eat...even though I ate them out in my kennel. She then promised me that she and M.O.D. would make sure I had a lot of tasty things in my Christmas stocking...just not Pigs Ears this year.


  1. So look like a kid in a candy shop!

  2. Yes ~K that is exactly what it feels like everytime we go in this big store. Because I know if I get to go in that means I get to buy something!!! hugs and wags, Mistaya

  3. Pig ears? How do the pigs hear anything if you are eating their ears?

    Can you tell the tall guy I need to go shopping too? I might need to buy him a present (or not!)

  4. That looks like fun Mistaya, so many different smells.

    I see they display the Pig Ears right next to the Puffy Cows Ears, altogether now ...Ewwww!

  5. Mistaya that trip into town was very exciting. Oh what colorful toys and things. Gosh Madi and I don't know how in the world M.O.M. will decide what to get for you but we agree the pigs ears should be a no no!!! During the gift exchange Madi drew Olive the dog's name. Her mom told us Olive likes something called Greenies to eat. WE had never heard of them we finally had to ask for help but we found them. We heard they were eaten so quickly there were no pictures. HA!!!
    Gail my moon shots were purely beginner's luck. I just thought it was pretty put my camera on night scape setting. I had no idea moon shots were hard just lucky. HA!! I have a Nikon Coolpix 3200.
    Madi and Mom (Cecilia)


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