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November 19, 2009


I met a new friend at and she is a cat friend named MADI. She had posted that she was sure her mom had left a cardboard box on the floor just for her to play in. And I told her that my Catsister often does the same thing. Of course when I saw this photo of Catsister in this big shipping box I was sure M.O.M. was shipping her away. Of course M.O.M. didn't do that and we found out that silly Catsister just like to snuggle down in this packing material and take long quiet naps. Oh well.

But the following photo is my favorite!!
M.O.M. and M.O.D. had just finished up with a very large yard sale and M.O.M. walked in the room and found Catsister sitting in the free items box.
Of course I got real excited when I saw this photo and wondered why someone from the yard sale didn't taken this last free item!
Yeah I know, I really do like my Catsister but puppies just can't help themselves sometimes when they are around cat creatures.


  1. Boxes, I love boxes! They are the bestest play places ever. Aren't all boxes in the house just for us kitties. You should try it Mistaya, it's fun!

    Miss Cindi Lou Who

  2. Good morning and thank you so very much for the lovely post card and today. WE hope you have a great weekend...
    Madi and Mom

  3. Hi Mistaya,
    Well I'm reading backwards today.
    I just saw that you are a miniature
    Aus.Shepard. I didn't know Aus. Shepards came in miniature but it certainly is a cute package. I'm glad to know that you have a cat in your life. Most of us are pretty nice companions...Mom often thinks when she retires in a year she might get me a puppy friend. Now we have a new breed to consider A mini Aus. Shepard. You are just about the right size.
    Madi and Mom

  4. can find my breed on the breeds..min. auzzie. I think it's kind of a new thing. But I am awful cute!!! Mistaya

  5. Cindi Lou, I have tried to climb in those boxes but because of my very sensitive hearing, even the rustling of the box is to much for me and I get scared. Yes, I guess some cats are a lot braver than some of us puppies! Hugs and Wags, Mistaya


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