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October 13, 2009


I tried to smile real pretty when I was trying to get M.O.M. to go outside with me and play ball. Is it working?

Yes, it worked! We played ball in the yard for awhile and when she noticed that there was not any traffic on our little dirt road today she let me chase the ball on the road. The ball really bounces and rolls real fast out there and it's so much more fun. And because the road is fairly straight we can see if any cars are coming our way. And because M.O.M. has taught me to sit quietly beside the road whenever I hear a car coming she knows I will be cautious while playing.
Of course after chasing that ball I just had to come into the house and rest a bit. I found a sunny spot in the living room by the front windows and was asleep almost before M.O.M. could take off her coat! Thanks M.O.M. for playing with me!


  1. You have a beautiful smile. My friend Dory is having a smiley contest and you should enter. The info is on my blog. I hope your Mommy is feeling better and have fun playing.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Mistaya, you have a beautiful smile. It sounds like you had lots of fun playing ball with your M.O.M. I'm glad you are taking care of her and I hope she is feeling better today.

  3. Lovely pearly whites you have there Mistaya, and I see you have MOM around your little paw!

  4. Mistaya you have a beautiful smile. Dispatch stops on our walks when he hears a car and pulls me further away from the road. Gives me confidence he does have a brain!


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