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September 23, 2009


Our little Mistaya has such a wonderful attitude about life that I am trying to live my life like she does.
Every morning she awakens so excited to see another day. She climbs up on our bed and acts so amazed that we are still there in her life. She just can't seem to control her kisses and rolling around on the bed to try to get as close to us as possible and to show us how happy she is to find us there again.
Since she has come into our lives she has taught me how easy it is to start the day with a smile on my face,
To be so very grateful to awaken to another glorious day,
To have another day to do anything I wish with it,
To realize that each day is a clean slate and I need to fill it with joy.
She also seems to know that forgiving is one of the easiest things you can do as she acts like anything that happen yesterday didn't ever happen the moment her eyes open to a new day.
And she always has so much love to share.
I have no doubt that dogs really do come into this world with pure hearts and filled with love. We are so thankful that this gentle little creature chose us to live with. She fills our hearts with joy and love every day.
We love you Princess Mistaya, M.O.M.


  1. Today seems to be the day for wonderful heart rendering posts. Beautiful and yes we could all use a dose of Mistaya's personality.

  2. Lovely post. We can learn a lot from our pets if only we would take the time to observe, them as you have.
    I hope to meet Mistaya some day.

  3. Our pets have so much to share and teach, all we have to do is listen. I think rescue pets have even more love to share. I feel the same way about Miss Cindi, our sweet little rescue kitty.


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