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March 05, 2009


M.O.M. and I went on a walk down our road this afternoon. About 1/2 mile down the road two big black dogs from the white house came out into the road to greet us. I have seen them each time we walked by but they didn't seem to want to be my friend.
But today they were excited to see us. The old one was the first one to meet us. He was happy to greet me but I think he was much more interested to see if M.O.M. had any treats hidden in her pockets.
A few minutes later the younger one approach me but growled at me in a very low voice. Since I am still a puppy I assumed that she was happy to see me but she stayed back from me. After a few minutes I realized that she was afraid that M.O.M. was going to chase her away. The big dog looked surprised when M.O.M. smiled and called to her in a cheery voice.
M.O.M. called her by her name which I remembered was Molly and she instantly began to take the "let's play" stance.
M.O.M. did keep me on my 20 foot long leash because she knew I would be so excited that I wouldn't realize how fast and far I can run when playing with other dogs. Molly seemed to understand that I was stuck on my leash as she played close to us.

I was panting pretty hard when M.O.M. said we needed to head home. I was sorry to have to go and tried to continue playing as we headed down the road. The two black dogs followed us down the road but M.O.M. made me stay in the "heal" position to help quiet me down.

Both dogs followed me over to my little kennel but "Molly" headed home when M.O.M. came back out onto the deck and told her to go. The old one laid down next to my kennel to rest and M.O.M. let him rest there until he was able to return home.

This was a very fun day and I do hope for more play dates with many of the dogs in our little neighborhood in the days to come. But right now I really need to take a nap as I am having trouble keeping my pretty brown eyes open.......


  1. Looks like you have found some new friends in the neighborhood.

  2. Hi Keewee, Yes, I have made some more friends and I do hope a few more will play with me soon. And of course I am excited to be in the forest hiking with M.O.M. and her grouop plus all the dogs that join them each day! I just wish it would quit snowing!!!!!!


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