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February 09, 2009


M.O.M. is teaching me to run beside her while she is riding her bicycle. It is pretty easy and sometimes she let's me run real fast for a bit. M.O.M. has said that sometimes I have a lot of extra energy so this mode of travel should help me get in enough exercise to make me a little laid back. Of course, I think this is a very fun way to be with M.O.M. and we have both had a few too many treats this winter so this may help that problem too! The weather man has said that we will probably receive more snow during the next few days so this may be a exercise program that we will have to put on hold for awhile. And we did get a bit of fresh snow early this morning. Oh well, I guess that means I will get to spend more time chasing after my new ball out in the front yard. Yahoo!!!

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