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December 18, 2008


My people keep talking about our upcoming adventures in the woods this upcoming summer. It all sounds very exciting but of course I really don't understand what they are talking about. One day after a trip into town my lady pulled me close to her and talked softly to me as she held up a strange smelling nylon bag. She petted me softly as she placed this odd thing on my back. Of course the first thing I did was to sit down thinking I could get rid of this monster on my back. But my lady spoke so kindly and softly to me that I stood still as she placed it back on my back and fastened straps around my belly and around my chest.

She was smiling as she placed my leash on my collar and encouraged me to walk with her. After a few steps I decided that this thing on me wasn't so bad and it weighed nearly nothing so I trotted on down the road next to her as if I didn't even have this new strange thing on me.
My lady stopped and praised me and told me how wonderful I was and how great I looked with my own backpack on. So that is what this thing is! Wow, a place to carry my very own treats as we venture out into the woods. I think I am going to really like this thing called hiking next summer.
And I will even bet that by next summer I will be big enough to carry some drinking water along with my wonderful treats!!!

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